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  • lpq0309lpq0309 member
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    @yosemite2018 I wish I could work from home. I unfortunately also have to go in on the weekends...plants never take a day off. Hope your little one feels better soon!! 
  • I posted my birth story in a fashion @EErin86 mentioned, and then deleted everything after a week so the regulars could see it, but it wasn't here forever. 

  • @Lcardinal04 happy anniversary! Yay for a good dinner out and a server who understood the need for a longer dinner. That was sweet they brought you dessert too! Also, glad your dog passed the evaluation. Daycare will give it somewhere to go and get some energy out when you are so busy with a baby. 
  • @Lcardinal04 happy anniversary! Sounds like a nice dinner, glad you could enjoy it!

  • starlastarla member
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    @Lcardinal04 Happy anniversary! Sounds like a nice evening. 

    I like the idea of one big birth announcement thread with no comments. I'll probably post the birth story, but no pics or name. 
    Me: 34 | DH: 33
    Married Aug. 2013
    TTC #1 Sep. 2016
    BFP Jan. 15, 2017; MMC Mar. 4, 2017 at 10w6d
    BFP Jun. 5, 2017; MMC Aug. 2, 2017 at 11w6d
    BFP Nov. 20, 2017; ended in CP
    All the tests. Everything normal except treated for ureaplasma and DH potentially has high DNAF.
    BFP Dec. 25, 2017; EDD Sep. 5, 2018; DD arrived Aug. 26th
    My chart: https://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/63f71d

  • nackienackie member
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    I’m also good with a birth story/announcement thread without comments. I’d be fine sharing my birth story and baby’s first name (assuming baby has a name by then). Maybe even a pic since most newborns look pretty similar. And I’m also down with a private group. I’m not quite ready for Facebook 
  • @stothi I love The Parlor! And it sounds fancy fancy :D
    @nlc8424 This has been me all week! I can feel a slow checking out the more and more I think about maternity leave, too...hope your day goes by quickly!
    Me: 32   DH: 32
    BFP #1: 1/23/2012  DD: Born 9/20/2012  <3
    BFP #2: 12/30/2017  DS: Due 9/10/2018  <3

  • +1 on the brain not working as well. Usually in the mornings I can still get stuff done but by 2 I'm pretty worthless. Then I get panicky because we are getting closer to September and I actually have a lot to do and can't think straight enough to actually get back to work
  • I'm for whatever you ladies decide for birth announcements. I probably won't post a photo, but I wouldn't mind sharing my birth story here (or a private parlor - hehe). I shared a lot of other things so far, lol.

    @lpq0309 I suggest getting some lotion for your back and feet to rub on at night that has menthol or something medically soothing. Every night now I've been using an Advocare lotion on my achy parts and I usually get around 30 minutes of glorious relief. Also, you can try a belly support band. I am about to bite the bullet and buy one. 

  • @yosemite2018 thanks for setting that up, I requested to join. Hopefully it'll go through okay.

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