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3rd trimester

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 I am currently 31 weeks and ever since I hit my 3rd trimester it seems as everything is going wrong. My baby girls father (who currently lives in another state and is 32 years old)finally told his parents we are expecting and ever since he has been very short with me and will barely talk to me. Plus he never asks about the baby anymore and seems to want nothing to do with us now. Up until that point he was excited and everything was going great. 

Then I have come to realize that I am not getting a baby shower from anyone and ALL my friends have disappeared. I was a single mom with my only other child who is now 20 and went through that pregnancy alone but never felt it, with this one I have never felt so alone.

Next to top it off I am currently living with my parents ( which is a whole other issue)until I move to be closer to my babys father, and our basement flooded and we found black mold so I have no bedroom and nowhere for my baby when she comes, because the whole thing needs to be gutted and redone. 

I am so lost, hurt, broken and confused at this point I don't know what to do.

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