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Thumb sucking won't stop

Hello, My son is almost two. He has several teeth now, both top and bottom. He has a habit of thumb sucking. It started when he started teething. I thought it was normal in the beginning but now he doesn't stop this habit. I have tried to correct him several times. he doesn't even budge. I even tried the reward system where he was given candy or something he liked when he stopped sucking his thumb. But this habit still continues. I even tried putting broccoli juice on his thumb. I don't know how to stop this habit. I don't want this to affect his bite. Right now, his front teeth are tipped forward. I am afraid that this will be worse when his permanent teeth arrive. I thought of taking him to some experienced dental professionals near High Park where we live and see what can be done to eliminate this habit. Have you guys also faced the same issue? Are there any other tips and tricks for stopping this habit? Please share your experiences and suggestions.

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