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Do you use your infant carseat with or without a base?

I'm first time expecting mom and finally getting ready to purchase our infant carseat and trying to decide whether we should register for a second base or not. I'm hoping those of you already putting these to good use can lend some insight on what works for you. We have opted to purchase the Britax B-Safe 35 Ultra infant carseat which has the setup to allow European belt path installation without a base. We will definitely use the base that comes with it in our primary vehicle but I'm trying to decide whether we need a second base for my husband's car and whether our inlaws may want one for their vehicle or whether using the seatbelt to install it in those cars would be practical. I've watched videos on the baseless installation and it doesn't look too hard but I imagine it isn't the most convenient or easy thing to do with a real baby when you're in a hurry. Perhaps it would be fine for the infrequent times our inlaws travel with the baby but not for our own use... I'm not sure. If you travel with baby in two vehicles, do you recommend getting a second infant carseat base?


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    If we did it all the time, it'd probably be handy to have a second base. We travel in our other vehicle a couple times a week, and it's not a big deal. Not a big enough deal to warrant spending money on a second base anyway. 
  • You can use it without if it has the part you can thred a seatbelt through but it's proven to be way less safe during accidents
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  • Definately a second base!
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