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Maternity clothing?

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Anyone know good place to get cheap maternity clothing? 

Re: Maternity clothing?

  • I got a few good items on Thredup.
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  • Anyone know good place to get cheap maternity clothing? 

    I found some nice and cheap clothing from resale groups on Facebook and an app called Letgo and an app called OfferUp. 
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  • With the exception of two basic fitted t's and a dress I was gifted, my entire maternity wardrobe came from Value Village and other thrift and consignment shops. I'd start there.
  • Burlington has good deals.
  • Thrift stores for sure! I hate the idea if spending soo much money on clothes I'll wear for a few months.. and I feel better about donating them back to stores or friends who need clothes too.
  • Old Navy and Target have the best prices. You can also try FB marketplace or a local FB buy and sell page.
  • I just recently purchased a few maternity clothes from old navy and I am very pleased! Much cheaper (usually running sales) than motherhood maternity and places like that. 
  • If you have a Ross in your area, check them out.  I get so many nice items on clearance.  I just picked up a few pair of pants for under $10 ea.!
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  • I’m obsessed with Ross but mine doesn’t have a maternity section ! Do most of them ! Maybe I should travel out of town 
  • Thrift and hand-me-downs from Facebook marketplace or Kijiji if you are in Canada are the best. I would never buy maternity new -- with an exception for roomy sundresses that will work postpartum! You just won't wear them long enough to outlast the cost new.
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