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2nd Trimester

Bed rest at 20 weeks

I have been placed on strict bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy and im wondering if anyone else is going through the same thing?

Re: Bed rest at 20 weeks

  • I went through it with my first. I was on bedrest all first tri due to bleeding, part of second tri due to early contractions at 16 weeks, and all of third tri for preterm labor symptoms and stress. I made it to 39 weeks! It’s hard and it may get hard to stay entertained but it will be worth it. Best of luck! 
  • I was on bedrest with my last two at around 20 weeks.  I made it to 32 weeks.  I still did small things around the house, but stayed very low key.  Best of luck to you.  (I also found out after the fact I was having a reaction to my ex-husband's semen.  I would contract horribly every time we were together.)
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  • I was on bed rest with my last pregnancy, it does help to get into a routine. I would try to do something nice for myself on milestone days and spent a lot of time reading. 
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