Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnancy loss

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I'm 38 and became pregnant with our 3rd while I was breastfeeding our 19 month old little girl. It was a shock and we wanted a 3rd, so My husband and i were so excited. Maybe we put the cart before the horse but we started planning and we were just so excited. I have had several early chemical miscarriages, conveived our 1st little guy after 4 years of fertility, iui with drugs and our second was on our own. This pregnancy I didnt have extreme symptoms and at every u/s they were concerned a bit. We heard and saw the heartbeat but at our last u/s, the heartbeat had stopped.

I'm so heartbroken. I am crying a lot. The doc suggested I stay on progesterone to postone the pain amd bleeding, so I have a d & e scheduled this week. 

Has anyone been thru this? I'm so afraid because  I'll be 39 soon that my chance of a 3rd is low, and afraid of going through this again. Its a lonely feeling, although my hubby is being wonderful. Its just hard to come to peace with this. Any advice?? I don’t feel like talking to family and friends. I’m hiding it from my work family except my boss knows since I needed off for surgery. Maybe I feel like I disappointed family a bit since we did announce, prob too early. Anyway, sorting through grief, preparing for d & e and just looking for peace and hope for a rainbow baby. 

My sincere condolences to all those that have gone through loss.

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    hi op I’m so sorry for your loss. You might want to post on the miscarriage board as you will find more support there for what you are going through. As far as fertility goes I recommend reading “it starts with the egg” for ways to better egg quality. Egg quality is far and away one of the biggest challenges to conception as we age. I wish you all the luck and a sticky rainbow baby in you future. 
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