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Any local gamer nerds? (Collegeville/Phoenixville Area)

Hey there. 
I've lived in the Lehigh Valley area for the last 8 years or so, but making friends has remained a rather large challenge for me due to being very isolated as I am self-employed and work from home. I'm also a massively introverted social reject but I do crave a little social interaction every now and again.

I'm hoping to find one or two ladies nearby who are similarly gamer nerds to play games and hopefully make some meaningful friendships with, though I'd prefer we start out talking online. I'm married to a similarly (tbh more so) tech nerd gamer husband, so there's potential for male interaction in the future for the spouses, too, maybe. We're both sassy, loud-mouthed and vulgar so... just fyi.

I live in Phoenixville, so any surrounding area nerds around here care to start by having a friendly chat and/or a gaming session on steam?
I'm presently knocked up at 18 weeks with our first, so local-ish new moms or moms-to-be would be really cool to find. 

Re: Any local gamer nerds? (Collegeville/Phoenixville Area)

  • I’m a gamer nerd but mostly table top :-) I’m heading to pax unplugged in November. I met a lot of people there (this year it will just be a challenge to sit at a table that long lol)
  • I realize this is over a year later but Gamer nerd that just moved to collegeville from NC back in october! would love to meet some new chicks out here!
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