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Second missed miscarriage


Does anyone have success stories after multiple missed miscarriages. I have been pregnant twice but found out at the 10 week appointment that they stopped growing at 8 weeks. I have heard this is rare to have two missed miscarriages when I was so far a long. 

Thank you!

Re: Second missed miscarriage

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    Unfortunately you won't hear much good news on this board but not because it doesn't happen. Usually if ladies have had success they move on to pgal boards.

    I'm sorry you've been through this. There's a great group of women over on the TTCAL board if you're ready to try again 
  • Actually I follow these boards because of my struggle with consecutive recurrent pregnancy loss and because I really think that offering hope when it seems to be the hardest time for it is really, really important. 

    First, I am sorry you're going through this. Multiple losses suck pretty hard; it can make you feel isolated, hopeless, betrayed by your body, and lost because it can be really, really difficult to get answers as far as "why" this is happening.

    I am currently 33 weeks pregnant after 15 consecutive first trimester losses over the course of 3.5 years, and no definitive causes of those losses were ever determined.

    So, here's the truth for what it is- statistics tell us that each consecutive loss reduces the odds that a woman will go on to have a viable pregnancy; at the same time, recurrent miscarriage is typically not diagnosed until 3 consecutive losses, so you aren't there yet. If that happens, doctors can start trying to find causes, and some are quite treatable and some are more complicated. Sometimes there are no easy answers though. 

    How long you are willing to try is going to be completely up to you and you DH. It takes an emotional toll and many women reach a point where they just can't anymore, *and that is absolutely okay*.

    I will also say that having a viable pregnancy after a series of losses is not easy. Even if everything goes right, you may feel like the rug can be pulled out from under you at any time. If anything seems like it's going to go wrong, it is too easy to throw in the towel and feel powerless and out of control. 

    So, my advice, be gentle with yourself, and take your time. Focus on things you can control. If you find yourself having a really bad day, talk to someone who will listen patiently, and don't let your traitor-brain take over because it's not your fault. If/when it does happen for you, keep talking, because it's still scary and can make you feel insecure and unsure of yourself. 

    Follow your heart, and good luck. *hugs*
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  • First, I am sorry for your lost.

    As to giving some hope, everyone is different. While my MMCs we're not consecutive, I have had two.   one at 14 weeks and the other at 10, with a healthy pregnancy in between.  
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