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Living In a Nightmare

hello all! 
Im sorry I never got around to updating my screen name, 2 days ago, I miscarried and this has been the worst week ever. It started 3 days ago and I officially passed the baby on Wednesday. I haven’t had anything to eat since Monday, I’ve been in and out of the ER, being as though this was my first pregnancy, I really didn’t know what to expect or what was going on. On top of all of this, the day after my I started bleeding my boyfriend left me. At a time like this, one needs all the support they can get...especially from their partner. It feels like I am living in a nightmare. Never in 1 million years would I think this would be my reality. I am at a loss of words, I feel sooooo empty, this is just the worst thing that could’ve happened to me. I am just shocked by all of this weeks events. We had a great relationship and never in my wildest dreams would I think that I would be left so cold to deal with this alone. If you are religious, please pray for me!

Re: Living In a Nightmare

  • 40momma40momma member
    I am so incredibly sorry you find yourself here. Pregnancy loss can be the loneliest time, with or without a partner. Do you have any family or close friends you can reach out to? 
  • Yes my family and friends have been great since I’ve allowed them in. This is the one time you need as much support as you can get. My family and friends are rallying behind me and lifting me up. I know this still fresh, it hasn’t even been a full week since My loss. I can say that since I’ve allowed my family and friends to see and experience this hurt with me, it has been getting a litter easier to make it though the days. I’m just trusting in God that he will bring me through this. Thank you for replying to my post. I felt kind of sad that I didn’t receive any replies but I opened the app today and saw yours. Thank you!
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  • I'm realy sorry. :( I remember my first mc, and I was taken by surprised and devastated... I never thought it could happen to me, miscarriage never came to mind.
    I hope your friends and family can help you through this, sometimes it feels very lonely and isolating. Hoping you get your rainbow soon.
  • 40momma40momma member
    I'm glad to hear you have such support. 
    Unfortunately, although maybe also fortunately, this board is a bit quiet. So it's not surprising you didn't get many responses. A lot of women come through here but don't stick around this board as it's hard to stay in that dark place. If you are feeling up to TTC again, the TTC after loss board is definitely busier and we all still get it. 
  • I am so sorry to hear about your loss.  I am glad that you do at least have a supportive family. How have you been doing? 
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