Trying to Get Pregnant

Joining in to gain & offer support/advice!

My wife and I are both 34, we TTC for a year back in 2014/2015 with 9 IUI’s...tries 4 & 5 worked but didn’t stick, lucky IUI #9 was finally successful but it was all a pretty hard journey and Having support for others helped me tremendously with all the testing and waiting and worrying...

I have my first IUI tomorrow TTC #2 but I figured jumping in with a group ahead of time this go around would probably be better. Plus I have been through a wide variety of scenarios to help offer support around TTC issues as well, something that helped me a lot back in 2014/2015!

We are doing monitored IUI w/ trigger shots and clomid.

My daughter is 2.5, Berkley, fiery personality and red hair match. My wife and I live in Virginia and both work in DC.

Happy to be here and connect (and commiserate) with you all!:p<3:p:p<3<3

Re: Joining in to gain &amp; offer support/advice!

  • Sorry I meant this to be a response to the newbie thread and accidentally posted it as a new discussion...and now can’t figure out how to delete it...if you know how please tell me and I’ll delete it!
  • @mappowell Welcome and GL tomorrow!
    Threads cant be deleted, so just leave it as is and it will fall to the bottom in time. 
    jrm_14[Deleted User]
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