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Ten Things Tuesday

What is making your heart happy today??

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Re: Ten Things Tuesday

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  • jrm_14jrm_14 member
    @darkstar42 I thoroughly cleaned house this weekend, too!  Do you have a summer to-do list of things to enjoy?  Books to read, coffee shops to enjoy, parks to go to?
    [Deleted User]eleven_darkstar42
  • @eleven_ I love your list! I really want to have chickens in our backyard. They are debating the legislation now so hopefully I will be allowed! I have been wishing May away so that June will come! April flew by, but May is crawling!
    [Deleted User]eleven_nitnat007
  • @hoodevil0611 All about the mac & cheese. Fun fact: In Canada, we call it KD (Kraft Dinner), even if it isn't made by Kraft. Glad you have someone at work to confide in. That is essential.
    hoodevil0611[Deleted User]Venessa88
  • @jrm_14 I don't have a list for summer, but I should totally make one! I'll get on that once the semester ends. :)
    [Deleted User]jrm_14
  • @Avrilmai I plan to give it a try.  I too was underwhelmed by season 4; maybe the recut is better.  The season 5 trailer looks promising, though.  Congrats on the conference; I'm sure it's a relief to have it behind you.
  • I know it’s Thursday, but as it’s good to remember all the great things you have in your life I thought better late than never!

    1. My amazing DH. Especially how he is coping with my heightened emotions on the new meds.
    2. The amazing support here in TTGP, as well as in the Low AMH thread.
    3. Super response to my new IF instagram account.
    4. Public holidays. Today is a public holiday and tomorrow is a “bridge day”. Means 4 day weekend.
    5. Our awesome local village pharmacist who has gone above and beyond to help us get the medication for our next IVF cycle.
    6. Our home. It’s a work in progress but it’s our very own castle.
    7. Big fluffy blankets and cushions. Oh so snuggly.
    8. Being able to do self funded IVF rounds.
    9. The delicious Calamari I had for lunch at our favorite Greek restaurant.
    10. Sunshine after the rain (and hail and thunder).

    @jrm_14 love your kitty
    @darkstar42 So pleased you’re all organized for next cycle
    @venessa88 that’s one fluffy tailed kitty!
    Me 43 DH 45
    Married 12/2016
    TTC #1 since 04/2015
    AMA, DOR (AMH 0.65, AFC 2-4) and autoimmune issues (RA, APS), low TSH, adenomyosis
    7 retrievals, 3 transfers
    Jun19 FET BFP, due date 7th March 2020, DD born Feb20
    Sep17 IVF1 - 1ER, 1F, 1ET, BFN
    Nov17 IVF2 - 1ER, 0F
    Jan18 IVF3 - 3ER, 1F, 1ET, BFN
    Feb18 - second opinion and additional testing
    Apr18 IVF4 - cancelled (E2 too high)
    May/Jun18 IVF4 - 4ER, 0M, 1F, 1 frozen day 3 (not best quality)
    Jun/Jul18 IVF5 - 5 ER, 3M, 2F, 2 frozen day 3 (not best quality)
    Jul/Aug18 IVF6 - 4ER, 3M, 2F, 2 frozen day 3 (good quality)
    Aug/Sep18 IVF7 - cancelled (cyst)
    Sep/Oct18 IVF7 - 3ER, 3M, 2F, 2 frozen Day 3 (excellent quality)
    Oct18 IVF8 - Cancelled (cyst and too low TSH)
    Oct18-Jan19 bringing TSH under control
    Feb19 ERA and hysteroscopy
    Mar19 Investigation for fibroid and adenomyosis
    Apr19 adenomyosis confirmed, polyps removed
    Jun19 FET after 2 months Lupron, autoimmune protocol, transferred two day 3 frozen embryos
    Sep17 - Pergoveris 10-17 Sep, Orgalutran 15-18 Sep, Ovitrelle 18 Sep, ER 20 Sep for 2 follies, 1 mature egg, fertilized, ET 1x 2d 4-cell embryo 22/09, 05/10 BFN
    Nov17 IVF2 - Pergoveris 2-14 Nov, Orgalutran 5-14 Nov, Ovitrelle 15 Nov, ER 17 Nov for 3 follies, 1 mature egg, did not fertilize
    Jan18 IVF3 - Pergoveris 30 Dec - 8 Jan, Orgalutran 5-8 Jan, Ovitrelle 9 Jan, ER 11 Jan 3 eggs, 2 mature, 1 fertilized, ET 1x 4d 12-cell embryo 15/01, 24/01 BFN
    May/Jun18 IVF4 - Rekovelle 25-29 May, Menogon 30May - 2Jun, Zomacton 25 27 29 31 May and 2Jun, Cetrotide 30May - 3Jun, Gonasi 3Jun, ER 5Jun 4 eggs, none mature, two matured overnight, 1 fertilized with ICSI, Frozen day 3 but not good quality
    Jun/Jul18 IVF5 - Rekovelle 21-24 June, Menogon 25Jun-3Jul, Puregon 4-5Jul, Zomacton 21 23 25 27 29 Jun, Cetrotide 25Jun-5Jul, Gonasi 6Jul, ER 8Jul 5 eggs, 3 mature, 2 fertilized with ICSI, 2 frozen day 3 but not good quality
    Jul/Aug18 IVF6 - Rekovelle 26-29 Jul, Menogon 30Jul-7Aug, Buserelin 26Jul-7Aug, Zomacton 26 28 30 Jul 1 3 Aug, Gonasi 7Aug, ER 9Aug 4 eggs, 3 mature, 2 fertilized (normal IVF), 2 frozen day 3 good quality
    Sep/Oct18 IVF7 - Menogon 19-30Sep, Buserelin 19-30Sep, Zomacton 19 21 23 25 27 Sep, Ovitrelle 1 Oct, ER 3 eggs, 3 mature, 2 fertilized with ICSI, 2 frozen day 3 excellent quality 

    Fav Quote: The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return

    nitnat007jrm_14darkstar42[Deleted User]
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