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Weekend randoms 4/28

What's going on this weekend?


Re: Weekend randoms 4/28

  • Hope you get to finish your hardwoods @klj0228!

    That sounds really cute for a nursery theme @EErin86. Also, happy you get to start your chicken coop! Definitely no extra volunteering lol.

  • @klj0228 that's so fun to have an heirloom of sorts that fits in!

    @nlc8424 breakfast sounds fun! I hope you have a great time
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    Done for today!! 
    *Total AW post*
    When we moved in this was an awkward patch of lawn between a hemlock and lilac hedge... it’s taken about 6 years off effort amidst having dd, and keeping a veggie garden to get it to now. This is the best it’s ever been, it’s nothing professional, I did it as cheap as possible using plants and rocks from the property. It’s still super grassy, but it’s my creation. All mine. It’s honestly a little too big to keep up with, but I love it anyways.  o:)

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  • @jhjocelyn wow cool! Today I helped DH get the coop floor built. It's 12'x12' raised 2' of the ground. I will eventually post pictures when it looks like more than an elevated dance floor. 

    DD wore me out. We played outside, walked through the woods, and took a walk down the street. I don't think I will be moving from the couch the rest of the day
  • @EErin86 the autocorrect on the bump has been killing me for a few weeks now! It worked fine before but it's like whatever they did to add and then remove all those ads made their autocorrect lose its mind!
  • Speaking of LOs moving. Any tips to get them out of your ribs? This guy is active and has moved around a bit but today is the first time his been up in my ribcage. I read about cold cups of water and downward dog (although that doesn't make sense to me). 

    @eerin86 Hope the chicken coop is coming along well! Sounds like quite the project. 

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  • and @BusinessWife I hope you enjoyed your shopping trip.  I had a Sept 2016 baby so I definitely could make it through this pregnancy without any shopping, but I want to get a few fun summer dresses.  
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  • @crispy11 Haha good point. I'm only 5'2" and he was measuring large at the AS. I guess I figured the up in the ribcage feeling wouldn't come till later. But you're right. Big baby and short mama probably makes it happen sooner. Also, should totally get yourself a couple of dresses! It's been two years, treat yourself! 

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  • I've been distant on here lately with both a flu and pneumonia scare, in addition to the sickness I had been having. DH had the flu a week and half ago. He was isolated in another area of the house and yet, I still came down sick. My doctors have just ruled it as allergies now and to stay medicated and hydrated. 
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  • @stothi we built it with enough room to have some layers as well as meat birds. We will build a run for them since I'm pretty sure if they flew in with the dogs they wouldn't last very long
  • @EErin86 yeah, in my (and friends') experience flapping, spazzy birds around dogs frequently equals eaten/maimed birds.
  • Crazy freaking weekend. After Friday dealing with dog toe, and working that night,Saturday was wedding dress shopping for my best friend (she found one!), TW nausea moms look away! son had a random vomit episode just after getting home (thankfully I got him to bathroom sink in time, but toilet was closed so no hope for that). We assumed it was a virus, but thankfully NOPE! One time thing. TW END. 

    Big family birthday party with homemade waffles and dinner all day today for husband's Uncle.

    Good, but crazy weekend.
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  • @EErin86 that coop is going to be amazing! A palace for your birds! 

    @pourmeamocktail just want to say I appreciate your trigger warning. Sorry you had a crazy weekend but it sounds like you had some fun too. 
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