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Questions for Doctor after Recurrent Miscarriages?

Hey ladies I am new to this board but not to the bump.  In my signature I explain my 4 losses since we started TTC #2 in 1/2017.  I am having a follow up from my D&E procedure today and was looking for some advice from some of you that have had multiple losses.  We had genetic testing on the one loss that happened at 15W5D and that was a Trisomy 18 baby so they said that was a fluke but with 2 other "chemical" and one other loss at 8 weeks I think I should get some testing or something to make sure that it is not hormonal or physically wrong with me.  What testing have you guys had done?  Any specific things I should request my doctor to do?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Re: Questions for Doctor after Recurrent Miscarriages?

  • jlo629 Are you still going to your regular OB-Gyn? I would definitely recommend an RE at this point if you've had 4 losses in a row. The RE will most likely do an entire RPL (recurrent pregnancy loss) panel on you. Usually it includes karotype on you and your husband. A ton of other blood tests for you and DH. An HSG (blue dye) test. Sometimes a saline sonogram. Possibly a progesterone test of some sort. Possibly a test for ureaplasma. There are a ton of tests they can do.
    Unfortunately, 50-75% of recurrent pregnancy loss goes unexplained. So that stat alone is depressing. But, I'd still urge the tests because at least they you would be able to rule out the things they can actually figure out, a few of which have simple corrections.

    MC #1: D&C Oct 23, 2015 (7.5 weeks)
    MC #2: July 1, 2016 (5.5 weeks)
    MC #3: October 17, 2016 (CP)
    RE #1: RPL testing November 2016-January 2017
    MC #4: Feb. 28, 2017 (CP)
    RE #2: Additional RPL testing March-November 2017
    MC #5: January 2019 (6.5 weeks)

    RE #3: More testing 2023. 
    Egg Retrieval Sept/Oct 2023, 2 good embryos after PGT-A testing.
    Surgery for endometriosis January 2024
    Lupron Depo March 2024.  Benched 3 months.  Hopefully FET after that.


  • May I ask if they tested what kind of trisomy 18 that baby had? I know for t21 there is translocation, non disjunction, and mosaic. And each have it's own chances of reoccurence of another trisomy pregnancy.  
     My l/c has t21 which automatically put my chances for another trisomy chromosomal anomaly at 1%. However, if it was translocation it would be 10% or more depending on whose side had it.  I had my miscarriage after her, so I have a feeling I was part of that 1%. 
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  • jlo629jlo629 member
    @rklinge0 Sorry I just saw this.  I do not think they did or if they did they did say when they called me about it.  The doctor said I had a 1% chance of it happening again.  This is what the online results say:

    Band Resolution:
    |Stain Name |Cells Analyzed |Cells |Karyograms |
    |Counted |Prepared |
    |GTL |5 |15 |2 |
    |Total |5 |15 |2 |
    Key to Stain Name: GTL=G-banding;QFQ=Q-banding;DAPI=DAPI-staining; CBL=C-banding; AGNOR=Silver-staining; NON=Non-banded
    The sum of Cells Analyzed and Cells Counted equalsthe
    total cells examined.  

    InterpretationThe result is abnormal. Each metaphase trisomy 18. Autosomal trisomy accounts for approximately 30% of all miscarriages.
    For any future pregnancy, the recurrence risk of a trisomic conception may be slightly increased compared to the usual maternal age-associated risk (Warburton et al., Am J Hum Genet 75:376-385, 2004)
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