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What my pregnant self is eating/craving week of 4/21

Share what you are eating/craving this week. Weird pregnancy cravings acceptable

Re: What my pregnant self is eating/craving week of 4/21

  • @knitknitread you just keep eating thise strawberries! I’m so ready for the very fresh strawberries around here.

    @pourmeamocktail I love rice pudding! My H had never even heard of it until about a year ago when I made it with leftover rice. It’s one of my favorite snacks.
  • Grape koolaid. I crave it so much!!! I have a problem. 
  • I just had pizza and watermelon!
  • I enjoyed two chocolate milkshakes from Sonic this weekend. Now I want another...
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  • @silverramette Yum...I prefer the Face brand flips (specifically, the coconut with chocolate chips) and I'm on my way to the store to buy some now! But, thanks to you, I will also try the s'more s'mores. Basically, I'm craving ice cream but ice cream upsets my stomach. Sweet greek yogurts satisfy my cravings...usually...
  • @silverramette that sounds heavenly! 
  • @nlc8424 those sound delightful! DH bought me double caramel mini Magnum bars <3
  • @nlc8424 I've had those double crunch rasberry bars recently and they are good! But, I also want to recommend the Dove dark-chocolate rasberry sorbet bars. Those are even better in my opinion! They are lighter on the stomach, but also the chocolate is darker and more satisfying - to me! 
  • Since the fried chicken place is right next to the vet I stopped and gave in to that craving. Mmmmmm chicken, chicken good!
  • Taco salads! I had one on Wednesday, another Thursday, and I could easily have eaten one today, but I didn't want to buy my lunch. 

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  • @dexnie that sounds good!!! 
  • +1 to the milkshakes! chocolate... strawberry.. vanilla... any kind really  :D
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  • @klj0228 I've been craving the strawberry milkshake from a place that's very close to us but inconvenient and I'd have to really plan to go there cause I'd have to drive a certain way and I never just go passed it. So far I too have avoided the milkshakes due to the inconvenience and time restraints. But sounds like my husband will actually be home soon and I'm telling you right now I'm gonna gain like 15 pounds in a week once I can send him out to pick up cravings for me! I'm gonna get fat I tell you! I think I'm ok with it though if it means I can finally relax and eat all the things.
  • @stothi I was wondering this weekend if you had an update on when your husband would be home. He’ll be home through the remainder of the pregnancy, right? Just in time for cravings to kick into high gear. I hope you are planning some alone time, and I mean alone time by yourself where he takes care of your son and you can be lazy! 
  • @stothi fingers crossed for you! So glad to hear he’s coming home soon. 

    OMG tomato sandwiches sound amazing. I have had a stomach issue for a couple years and tomatoes have been off-limits. Baby doesn’t care. He wants allllll the tomatoes. My fave (pre-illness) breakfast used to be tomatoes, sliced or grated, on thick toast. Ugh I need that now. 
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    @ashh2018 how does one grate a tomato? Wouldn't it just turn to mush? Now I want to try to grate one!

    Eta: one of my favorite things about online communities like this is talking to people of all different backgrounds from all over the country/world and people just casually mentioning something that's totally normal everyday stuff to them but you yourself have never heard of! I think it's so much fun.
  • @stothi That's awesome that YH is coming home!
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  • stothi said:
    @ashh2018 how does one grate a tomato? Wouldn't it just turn to mush? Now I want to try to grate one!
    Good question...maybe diced? 
  • Disappointment is getting chocolate iced, cream filled donuts from Krispy Kreme and finding that they don't have a single drop of cream in them. 
  • @SkilledSailor We were already home :disappointed: 
  • Disappointment is getting chocolate iced, cream filled donuts from Krispy Kreme and finding that they don't have a single drop of cream in them. 
    As a former teen Krispy Kreme employee this is very disheartening to hear. You have to try to fail at this based on the system they use to fill donuts (if it’s still the same way I filled donuts back in the day). 
  • @Wishilivedinflorida It was just so sad. You could see the hole where they had put it on the thing to fill it. I'm inclined to think that the machine had run out of filling or something? 
  • Dairy Queen has smores blizzards  <3
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    What I want, and what I am eating are two different things. I haven't had many cravings, but as soon as I read someone else's comment, I want to eat that lol
  • @SkilledSailor your craving for today is obviously much healthier than mine. I am jealous you drove by a cookout though. Tomorrow I’m going to get bird seed and the place that has the seed I have the most luck with is near a Cookout...I will finally be getting to indulge in my craving.

    @knitknitread that is absolutely depressing! Did you at least call and tell them?! A pregnant woman being disappointed like that is dangerous.

    FYI Krispy Kreme has lemon glazed donuts this week only. 
  • @knitknitread that just isn't right. It's not right. I'm so sorry.

    @klj0228 lemon glazed doughnuts!? WANT!!!!!
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    @stothi @klj0228 it’s sort of mush. You could even put it in the blender or food processor for a pulse or two. But I used to use a box grater. Put it on thick sturdy toast wth some sea salt, omg. Like bruschetta minus everything haha. 

    ETA found this: https://www.tastymediterraneo.com/spanish-style-toast-with-tomato-pan-con-tomate/

    i learned it from FIL, he became obsessed with it after traveling to Spain - this explains it!
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