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Weekend brags 4/14-15

What do you have going on that’s brag-worthy this weekend ladies?? 

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bfp#1-10/29/12,EDD: 7/3/13. nothing found @ 1st u/s, natural mc 12/10/12. "Bean"

bfp#2-5/10/13! EDD: 1/18/14. "Peanut" Arrived 1/13/14. Diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis

bfp#3- 9/26/14. EDD: 5/7/15. no heartbeat found @ 1st u/s, natural mc 10/23/14. "Little Bug"

**Psalm 139:16**

Re: Weekend brags 4/14-15

  • @nlc8424 thanks I’m pretty impressed with all they were able to complete this week too. Yay for finding someone to your bathroom remodel and being able to get started soon. And you are so right about the energy and time to do things like this once our LO comes. That’s a big reason I am trying to complete any projects around here before baby. 
  • @magnolia209 my hair is naturally coarse and curly that's only gotten worse since pregnancy, also. If there is anything I'm in need of right now, it's a trip to the salon. lol I'm just patiently waiting for the "good hair" symptom of pregnancy to kick in. 
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  • @BostonBaby1 now I want Starbucks.. 
    Me: 33 DH: 31 Baby: 9/2/2018 BabyFruit Ticker

  • @spottedginger Good luck with the move!!! So excited for you!
  • @spottedginger yay for moving this week! It will be so exciting when you are all settled in.

    @BusinessWife we did the sorting, organizing and donating a few weeks ago. I wanted to just keep donating all our stuff until it was down to bare necessities, but H finally said we have space to keep things we don’t have to get rid of everything we own. Random stuff just builds up so easily! 

    @EErin86 I don’t think I could live somewhere that gets that much snow. Stay in and stay warm today!! 
  • @nackie Good job! I just started our registry today! And I was proud of myself for that. As an FTM I have no idea which products to choose and I started going through the registry thread this afternoon. It’s all so overwhelming! 
  • @spottedginger I sobbed the night we sold our house last year... And I can't even blame that on being pregnant. I hope your move goes well!!!! 
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