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Symptoms w/o 4/9

How are you feeling this week? Any new symptoms?


Re: Symptoms w/o 4/9

  • Kind of feeling sad due to still not having a bump. For awhile I was gaining a little weight, but it appears as if I've stopped gaining. I guess I figured by 19 weeks, I'd have some kind of bump. 
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    The last week or so I have had a headache 3-4x.... I’m ssooo over it. The new med from my ob helps clear it, but I needed 2 yesterday, and it has caffiene in it, so I’m not sure if I’m supposed to cut back my coffee when I take it? Or just not worry about it... 

    Also, I’ve had this weird muscley-nerve-y twingey pain in my tailbone/right butt cheek....for like weeks. I figured I slept wrong and tweaked something, but then it never improved. It’s super hard to recreate what will make it flare, and it isn’t worsening unless I tweak it alot in a day... but I am noticing that I have adjusted how I do things like roll over in bed to avoid it. 

    I tried explaining it to dh last night, he had nothing... anyone else have an idea? 
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  • @magnolia209 Brave lady! I hope you start to feel better, and I'm interested to hear updates!!
  • @SkilledSailor 1/2 a unisom is impressive as well!!! Good job! That was going to be what I tried next if I couldn’t  successfully quit. 
  • So this is way TMI, but, I’m having such peeing issues lol. I have to pee every like twenty minutes and I have trouble emptying my bladder when I do go. I drink a ton of water which doesn’t help (or maybe it does?). It’s super frustrating and starting to interfere with life. I had to go to some meetings for work today and got stuck in traffic on the way home. Barely made it. It’s interfering with intimacy (some more TMI!) because I always feel uncomfortable like I have to go. It doesn’t feel like a UTI, as I’ve had those a lot in the past. No pain, just always have to go. I’ll ask the doctor tomorrow at my appt but I have a feeling she’ll say it’s normal. 
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    @stothi I’m definitely doing the shuffle! Lol I’ve been googling a lot and I’ve come across a lot of advice that says to lean forward which does seem to help. In terms of sex, I think just being self-conscious is making it worse! Ugh I need to calm down haha. I’ve been wearing pads to work just in case. Honestly I feel like if I could just sneeze every time I sat down on the toilet I’d be fine, since that seems to work for me when I’m out in public *eyeroll*. 

    ETA I went for a bikini wax early in my pregnancy (will NOT be doing that again haha) and I was actually so worried that I wore thinx period underwear haha
  • I hate my prenatal vitamin. It makes me feel like I'm on the first tri again with headaches and nausea all day (even if I take it before bed!). I will check with my doctor, but what vitamin is everyone taking? I read the gummies are easier on your stomach but don't have iron (?) I'm taking the one-a-day brand.

  • @srachilagani I take the Smartypants gummy prenatals. They don't contain iron but because I eat food that has iron in it on a daily basis, my doctor isn't concerned. I was on prenatals for almost a year before we were finally expecting and remember your brand. It made me have terrible headaches and activated my gag reflex. After finishing up a three month bottle, I went back to what I knew I could handle, the Smartypants. 
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  • thanks so much @knitknitread my stomach slightly resembles a "food baby" right now. I have just enough of a little bloat going on that it makes it kind of hard to fasten prepregnancy pants. No one can tell yet that I'm expecting. One of the ladies that I volunteer with was joking around with me the other day and asked me if I was just pulling her leg about expecting and just have bad food poisoning. It made me super sad. I know she was just joking, it still made me upset. 
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  • @ashh2018 - It made more of a difference when the bump got bigger, but I found it easier to pee all the way if put a little upward pressure on my uterus while peeing. Like I was trying to lift it up a bit.
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  • My growing bump is pulling on my ribs already, not real comfy. And my balance is hilarious, already leaning back! 

    I am just feeling really really pregnant.
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  • @smsaulino That's mean and not cool of her to say that. 
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  • @smsaulino I'm so sorry she said that to you. That was very rude of her.

    AFM- Symptoms-wise

    I've been so sleepy but otherwise feeling pretty normal.

    I'm having to be more mindful of my uterus. It isn't sticking out but the top of it is hanging out around my belly button. So, I sometimes forget it's there until I try to bend a certain way :confounded:
  • @srachilagani I take prenate DHA. I have a history of bad stomach acid problems and I found that one to be the least stomach-upsetting of the samples I tried. 
  • I take Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal, and it is AMAZING!! I went through a few different brands, this was the absolute best for me, and is so gentle on your stomach, you can take it without food. I can't recommend it enough!
  • @ashh2018 have you tried standing up and sitting back down to "finish" peeing? I remember joking about needing to do "head, shoulders, knees and toes" to empty my bladder last pregnancy. 

  • My gums feel shredded and my teeth ache :'( They were sensitive last time too, but I'd forgotten about it until now 
  • @stothi my dentist had me switch to sensodine last pregnancy and after a couple days it really did make a difference. I had to use crest when I forgot mine on a weekend trip in the third tri and it was so bad. Hope you get some relief soon! 
  • @stothi That sounds awful. My gums have started bleeding a lot, but not hurting. I’m trying to be gentle and take care of them. 

    @klj0228 I am so sorry that you continue to feel sick. But that’s very cool to possibly be feeling the baby. 

    @jhjocelyn Wow! I can’t wait to see movement! That’s so cool and probably so strange too! 

    I thought I had felt the baby moving very early - a few weeks ago. But I have not felt anything since so I’m not so sure. I’m 18 weeks tomorrow so I’m still looking forward to feeling movement! Every ultra sound and even when they listen on Doppler, the doctor says that the baby is super active, so I’m sure that will get uncomfortable at some point! But I’m still looking forward to being able to feel him regularly. 
  • 19+4 today 
    Other than my recently diagnosed UTI, I’ve developed a cough with some congestion that will not move around. Been feeling kicks regularly the last couple of weeks. RLP, hip pain (sciatica and another one that starts with a P), with some lower back pain thanks to having to wear 20ish lbs of lead at work. 

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  • @jhjocelyn omg i can't wait to go home and try this!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  • The heartbuuuuurrrrrnnnnn! Broke down and bought my Zantac 75 today. I took it the entire second half of my last pregnancy so I guess it'll be the same this time. 

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  • @klj0228 I was "showing" aka blumping hardcore by like 9 weeks with my first!!! Even just at 5/6 weeks my regular clothes were too tight. I'm a lot smaller this time around for some reason. 
  • I have horrible sciatica pain.  Had pt for it on Monday and it agrivated it even more making sleeping this week almost impossible. 
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    @klj0228 I'm starting to get kinda itchy too with all of my skin expanding...trying to remember what I used with my first. I'm just using extra moisturizer right now.

    @Kmar123456 Ughh I hate hearing that. My OB recommended PT as a first course of treatment if mine gets as severe as it was last time. I hope you find some relief soon!

    I think I am finally (18+4) getting that second tri boost of energy! The weather has been nice and we've been going on walks after dinner every night, then I've been tackling some things around the house. I'm in "get stuff done" mode. My issue is not overdoing it because then my tailbone pain flares up. 
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  • The past two weeks I've had the worst itching and redness on my boobs. Cureently wearing 3XL bras. May I recommend Body Boost Stretch Mark Butter by Masq? (could only get it online on motherhood maternity). 

    It feels so amazing and soothing. No more itching or redness. I'm not so worried about stretch marks because i used to get tons of them from weight fluctuations (~20lbs) but this has helped me feel so comfortable again. 

    @stothi @klj0228 I started showing when I was 10 weeks! Now I have a pretty decent size belly at 18 weeks!
  • Lightning crotch. 
  • My dear friend vomit decided to make an unwelcome visit this evening. I’m sure DH thinks I am the sexiest woman alive at the moment. Who doesn’t want a woman red eyed, sitting on the floor of the bathroom begging you to “bring the stuff in the other bathroom with the purple lid” (phenergan)?! 
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