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The Intro/Re-Intro - warnings ahead

Hi there!

I joined the bump years ago, but I don't think I actually did a proper introduction.  I have 3 older girls (23,21,17) from a previous marriage and DH doesn't have any children.  We started our journey in October 2012 with a tubal reversal.  The reversal went great and we got pregnant in March 2013.  I thought I was having a really bad bout of gas and lower back pain, only to find out when I went to get some "relief" the next morning from the ER, I had an ectopic on the right side, the right tube was shredded and I had been slowly bleeding internally for almost 24 hours.  My husband saw me about 2 minutes before the wheeled me back for emergency surgery.  

We were determined to give ourselves the opportunity to have a child together, so we moved forward with IVF.  Over the next three years I went through 3 failed fresh transfers and a failed FET in November 2018.  I was fresh out of hope, but we had 6 remaining frozen babies left.  Our plan was to do the remaining FETs over the course of 2018 and if we weren't successful, we were going to buy another dog (we already have two), go on vacation, continue to love on the three we have and count our blessings.  

In January, my RE suggested I have an endometrial scratch.  I was to wait for my next cycle and I could start preparing for another FET.  I was a bit hesitant because everything I read online was awful.  They reported many successes, but the procedure itself was very very painful.  I didn't feel a thing during mine!  He numbed me up and was done in a matter of minutes.  The scratch actually triggered my cycle, so I started my meds a month earlier than we had planned.  Today I am 6 weeks and 2 days.  6 years of trying and we are praying we get to take our miracle baby home!

Love and blessings to everyone in the fertility struggle!
Me: 43  Hubs: 42 
Married My BFF 3/22/10
3 Beautiful Girls: 17, 21, 23 (previous marriage)
Tubal Reveral: 10/12
Ecoptic: 3/13 (Lost Right Tube, Left Tube Blocked)
IVF #1: 3/14  = BFN 
IVF #2: 3/15  = BFN
IVF #3: 6/15  = BFN
FET#1: 11/17 = BFN
Endometrial Scratch: 2/18
FET #2: 3/18  = BFP! 
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Re: The Intro/Re-Intro - warnings ahead

  • Wow, what a journey you have had! You guys have been through a lot, how strong you are! Praying that you have a smooth pregnancy <3

    Me: 28, DH: 30 Married July 2014  DX: Severe MFI- 3 failed IUI's, IVF #1 Egg retrieval June 4th 2016, 5 day transfer- BFP Baby Boy! EDD 2/25/2017. Our sweet miracle Carter Bennett arrived 2/12/2017 6 lbs, 2 oz 19 inches. <3 Surprise BFP!!! Baby Girl due 10/1/2018.

  • I am sorry for your loss. Praying that this pregnancy goes smoothly for you!
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