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Fired for being pregnant after giving my notice

So after working for this family as a private nanny for three years, they just fired me. 
So here's the background. I told them when I found out and I also told them I'd be moving in May. I gave ample notice so they can find a new nanny and a final day that I could work. (Four weeks from now) last night after I got off the father asked for my key and card used to pick up the oldest. Then told me they would be making the transition effective immediately. Mind you they had told me they would be doing a slow transition over the next few weeks to wean me off and the new girl on. 
Has anyone gone through this? I was so hurt, especially considering how long I've worked for them and that I was courteous enough to give notice even though I had wanted to just quit. They gave me none at all. And have put me in a financial bind. I had messaged them last week just asking for 12 more days and they said they would do that and it clould work great. Now this, with no notice. It's so messed up and rude and probably illegal. 

Re: Fired for being pregnant after giving my notice

  • Oh yeah and the reason was they felt it was the best thing they could do for their family at this time. Only thing that's changed are my doctor appointments and that I'm pregnant. 
  • There was a contract, I just don't know where it is. 
  • @fftm9318 can you ask the family for the contract? It doesn’t sound like they’d want to give a copy to you, but it’s worth a shot. How were they paying you? Was it cash/under the table? If so, it might be hard to prove that they were your “employer.” This sucks though. I’m sorry you’ve been put in this position.
  • I’m sorry. I have given notice before and been told my last day would be weeks before my end date (and this was for a major company). Definitely check to see what the contract says but you may be out of luck. If you don’t have the next door app, download it and see if people need someone temporary until you leave.
  • Thanks everyone. With all the stress and now this i ended up in OB triage for about 23 hours. Was finally discharged last night. I was in severe pain which apparently was a flare up and ulsers caused by all the stress and then bring fired abruptly sent me over the edge. Baby is fine, it was just me that was/is in pain. It all makes me even more frustrated about this whole thing. 
  • That's horrible. I hope you are able to rest and not stress. Easier said than done. Hugs. 
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