November 2017 Moms

Looking for some assistance and clarification :(

Hello. I'm a to-be Dad with a question about my wife's situation.  My wife is currently around 5.5w even though we thought she was later. Her numbers started out great but stopped doubling. The issue is that even though they haven't doubled there has been development seen in the ultrasound (yolk sac, fetal pole) yesterday. We go back Friday for a follow up. After her last blood test the doc said he wasn't hopeful. We then see the fetal pole and yolk sac. She has fellow mommy friends who also had low numbers in their pregnancy and had healthy children. This has been such a roller coaster that neither of us know what to expect. Should we expect the worst Friday? Should we be optimistic? It's just been such a wild ride the past two weeks that I wouldn't wish on anyone. Just trying to be there for my lovely wife and know what to expect, even though it seems like no one knows what to expect right now. I appreciate you guys so much for your insight.

Her hcg numbers are:






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