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  • @nlc8424 That's awful, I'm so sorry. 

    My kid won't sleep with us anymore either. It's rough when something happens and messes with bedtime and sleeping!
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  • @nlc8424 mine has never been able to sleep with us. Even when he was a teeny little thing and up 5 times a night. 
  • Thank you @spottedginger @pourmeamocktail and @nackie. He hasn't really ever been able to cosleep without making us miserable, but he also won't keep a blanket on and/or socks on his hands to keep him warm when needed in that kind of situation. Fingers crossed that's a very rare occurrence until he can keep a blanket on! 


  • 1)18+1 as big as an artichoke 

    2) he will be 3 next Wednesday! (Someone tell me why time goes so fast)

    3) I want to do a rant mention about how my SO literally does nothing even when he is home all day. I bought a new fan for the bedroom because ours stopped working. All I asked yesterday was to throw away the old fan and put together the new one...guess what was still in my bedroom when I got home from work and still in the sealed bow on the stairs! So annoying...rave-wise DS has gone almost a full week with no nighttime accidents and is almost a full year daytime potty trained. He makes me so proud

    4) Alaska because it looks soooooo pretty and relaxing. Plusssss northern lights 
  • @nlc8424 That’s awful! Have you ever tried the Halo early Walker sleep sack? I have one for DS in size XL, which covers up to 40 inches tall and 36 pounds. (DS is currently around 32 inches and 27 pounds and it’s pretty loose with room to grow). It has feet holes so they can still move around. They are super cute...remind me of MC Hammer pants.  :D
  • @Wishilivedinflorida we actually just got it in the mail yesterday haha. I bought it in the 2-3t size based on my guys current height and weight so that’s no problem, but I got it in lightweight knit since it’s typically comfortable with a light blanket at our house. So if it was heavier it would have been NBD!

  • Lcardinal04Lcardinal04
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    Random question: play dates with parents you don’t know well. What do you talk about??

    DD was invited to her first play date with a daycare little girl who lives around the corner. Another little girl was invited too, and from the FB messenger chat it seems they know each other decently. Their older kids are also going to join and play together. Having never attended a “play date” and being a tad socially awkward in new situations I am anxious about what people talk about? Is it kids only conversation? Are parents trying to make friends outside of their kids so talk gets more personal? I am just trying to figure out the social norms....

    I know this is a slightly stupid and weird question, but I don’t want to make a bad impression. 
  • nlc8424 said:
    @Wishilivedinflorida we actually just got it in the mail yesterday haha. I bought it in the 2-3t size based on my guys current height and weight so that’s no problem, but I got it in lightweight knit since it’s typically comfortable with a light blanket at our house. So if it was heavier it would have been NBD!
    DD is almost two and we still use the "wearable blankets" I love them! She can shuffle around pretty well in the closed ones still. The only drawback to the ones with feet openings is that DD always has her feet sticking out in the morning so I use it with either socks or footed jammies so her toes stay warm
  • @EErin86 footed jammies and wearable blankets for life! Just kidding. But in all seriousness no way would DS keep his socks on if he had access to his feet at night so we usually do zip up footed pjs and then 2 piece jammies with socks. Either way we use a sleep sack. It's pretty cute to see how good they get at shuffling around with the closed bottom, he is a pro at walking and still some climbing (yikes!).

  • melissasue777melissasue777
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    @pourmeamocktail  yes my daughter poops 2-3 times each day! it's crazy.. and everytiime i wonder "how do you have this much poop in you!" lol, she eats alot of fruit and veggies so i'm guessing that's why. But it seemed like it increased once she was potty trained
  • @southernlady07 thank you! The other little girl is in the daycare class too. You’ve given me great info!
  • @Lcardinal04 we haven't been to any playdates yet but when we go to classmates birthday parties and I don't know anyone there except the kids and the other parents are the same, it seems we just talk about the kids. Or kid/mom related stuff. Sometimes we have the what do you do/are you a sahm conversation. Occasionally we talk about the weather... Lol. I've seriously wondered too about playdates. Like are you asking my kid over and I'm just supervising him, or are you asking me to come hang out with you and our kids will also be there? I'm really new to the mom dating scene and don't have it figured out yet. 
  • @Lcardinal04 I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes! I’m a FTM, but you brought up a valid question. I’m sure if you follow the lead of the other two you should be just fine! 
  • @Lcardinal04 That isn't a bad question at all! It took me a while to get comfortable just making small talk with people I don't know. DD is Ms Social Butterfly and makes friends everywhere. So, I've had to start talking to other mom's on the fly. Sometimes it turns into repeat playdates.

    Safe topics tend to be activities the kids enjoy, books, maybe ask if they like a popular tv show that you also enjoy, and kid stuff to do around town.
  • @Lcardinal04 are you interested in making Mom friends? If so I’d make an attempt to talk about more than just the kids. Other stuff we likely all deal with is common to discuss, too—anything related to juggling your life, really! Everyone wants to know how other people do it, and not feel like they’re the only ones struggling. 

    Also, I try not to talk ABOUT my kid, but rather about how I do things with the kid. More like “have you guys been to the science museum with the kids? Is it good for their age?” Instead of “DD just loves playing with puzzles lately”. 

    I think the key is to make sure no one feels awkward if the conversation stops to help a kid...usually the topics jump all over the place for this reason!
  • Thanks for all the tips everyone! They are invaluable and give me direction. @MandyMost   I wouldn’t mind making more friends. We had DD first in our friends, and my work friends with kids are all 45 minutes away, so we have no one in our immediate area with young ones. I will let everyone know how it goes... it’s not for a couple weeks. 

    Randomness, we took DD to see bubble guppies live yesterday. She absolutely loved every minute! DH and I had already discussed worst case scenario, and it being over an hour drive away, in the middle of nap time, was no where close to ideal. We both agreed it showed we don’t give our girl nearly enough credit!! She watched and danced in the aisle the entire show.... at just over two it was amazing!! She wasn’t even a disaster the rest of the day. 
  • @stothi we’re also working on please and thank you with DS. He’s almost 100%with please, and sometimes he’ll say thank you unprompted. Every now and then though, instead of thank you he’ll say “I welcome.”  Guess he figures he’s saving us a step :D
  • How far along are you? How big is baby? 18 Weeks.  The size of a bell pepper.

    How old is your LO(s)? 5.5, 3.5, 17 months.

    Any rants or raves? Questions?  Our middle is starting to talk more and more and a lot of it is actually understandable.  Makes me so happy to see his progress. 

    GTKY: Would you rather vacation in Hawaii or Alaska, and why?  Right now, Hawaii.  With as busy as I/we stay, the thought of just laying around on the beach and relaxing seems like heaven on earth today. 
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    DS2:  Jun. 2014
    DS3:  Dec. 2016

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