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  • Since I was 7lbs, my H was 9lbs and his brother was around the 9lbs range, we've decided to just bring our newborn sizing to the hospital. We don't have a lot, but gives options and I'm 90% sure that will be only time she fits into it lol

    I may bring 1 or 2 other sized onsies in case. I have quite a few 0-3 month sizes I picked up.
  • And I think we decided on a convertible and an infant seat. The cost of an extra base just didn't make sense, especially since we want to have a second kid within a few years and will need a convertible eventually for this LO anyways. But I don't think we'll get a ton of use out of that one until we have to coordinate daycare pickups. 
    @icecubeinthedesert - If you don't want to get a second base you can also install the infant seat via seat belt if you don't want the second base.  I know for us, we left the carseat at daycare and moved it into whatever car was being used, whether it had a base or was installed via seat belt.  I'd certainly practice it a few times, but it's completely safe.  That way you don't have to mess with what to do with the car seat when LO is in the convertible.

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  • @MissKittyDanger It's a diaper bag brand that I like a lot. Very practical stuff. We have this backpack that comes with little pods.

    Sorry, couldn't get the hyperlink to work. 

    Anyway, it was a perfect hospital bag for baby because we also had the tote and a car seat. Since this is a backpack we could carry everything at once and didn't have to go back for a 2nd trip to/from the car or anything. 

  • @MissKittyDanger so funny you mention the Lush shampoo! I bought some right before i got pregnant and just found it a few weeks ago and started using it so I can finish it before it expires. I really like it!
  • @amys614 ; Jersey Bounce & Big are my faves :) Something about them my hair loves, pregnant or not. {since being pregnant, my skin/scalp/hair is oilier than normal so it's been my BFF lol}
  • @amys614 @MissKittyDanger the Big shampoo from Lush is my FAV! I usually have really oily hair that I would have to wash daily and with that I can go two-three days but it doesn't feel dry. Great volume too! 

    However, I did not like the Big conditioner bar. 
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  • @krashke ; I recently was talking to Lush about conditioner, and apparently more people like "American Cream" the best.
    I need to use conditioner after I shampoo or else my hair is a friggen tangled mess and I have a wet brush
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