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AMA April Check In

How are all our AMA mamas doing this month?
Any appointments coming up or concerns regarding being an "older" mum?

Re: AMA April Check In

  • 39/14 weeks
    As far as I'm aware I don't have anything coming up this month advanced maternal age wise. I think I just have the one regular monthly midwife check up unless something changes. It would be awesome to only have one appointment this month!!! Fingers crossed, eh??

  • 40/14+ weeks

    I have an US at MFM in a week and a half. Just standard stuff. No special AMA concerns but AMA is also all I know ;) 
  • @BostonBaby1 AMA is all I know too. I've had a few people ask what's different about an AMA pregnancy and all I can do is shrug. I'm pretty sure it's really just extra monitoring and an extra test or 2.
  • BostonBaby1BostonBaby1 member
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    stothi said:
    @BostonBaby1 AMA is all I know too. I've had a few people ask what's different about an AMA pregnancy and all I can do is shrug. I'm pretty sure it's really just extra monitoring and an extra test or 2.
     I am high-risk anyway. For multiple reasons besides AMA so I know I’m going in every two weeks at least. But I think I would be even if I was younger. 

    Oh, I just got notice that my noninvasive prenatal testing is not covered in full. So I have to call the office now and explain to them that I’m 40 years old and yes it is covered. 

    *Eta- The Natera rep was phenomenal!
  • @MandyMost well that's nerve wracking! Glad you finally got some good results!
  • @MandyMost I'm glad it turned out fine in the end!
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    All the tests. Everything normal except treated for ureaplasma and DH potentially has high DNAF.
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  • @MandyMost So  stressful. I hope that the rest of the screening comes back just as an uneventful  as the first part. 
  • 36/16 weeks

    I feel like every appt is up and then down (at least in terms of my stress about being AMA).  Up--got my blood pressure med reduced because it was looking great.  Then I'm told I can't do my next ultrasound at my hospital (where I feel comfortable and familiar) because I need a "level 2".  I know it's all precautionary but it still stresses me out. 
  • 36/ 16w3d

     Hugs mama.  I am in a similar boat and only by the grace of God and the power of prayer, have I found peace.  It is truly so hard.

    I had a CVS done three weeks ago this week bc of my results.  The wonderful news is that the FISH came back clear as well! Then, a week or so later results from 150 other abnormalities came back clear too! I got a call yesterday from my genetic counselor bc we are waiting on the last micro data to come in and it should have been in by now but it is still culturing and could take another week. So patience it is.

    With all of this that has happened, we have a US scheduled for this Thursday and my perinatlogists and genetic counselor said we are going to learn a lot at that US - and I am praying all day everyday for peace going into that and for God to bless us with a great ultrasound and a healthy baby, according to His will.  I am lying if I say that my stomach clenches thinking about it -but the truth is we have seen so much fruit in our marriage and faith during the trials over the last three weeks.  Even if you have never prayed, perhaps consider reaching out to God for peace right now.  I just know that is the only way we have survived and even experienced joyful moments, in the last few weeks. 

    Praying for you to experience the same peace, and for God to bless you with GOOD NEWS and a HEALTHY baby.  Please keep us posted.  Hugs mama.
  • @marym94 I'm so glad you've also gotten some good news, and have found something that works for you to manage the anxiety and fear. Personally I have a very different take on things, but again, glad it works for you!
  • @mandymost ; Thank you!  I am looking forward to hearing your update ...and for September when we can finally hold these babies of ours!
  • 36/16or17 weeks

    Nothing weird for me thankfully.  My Dr. has agreed to do no "old" testing so I like that.  I do have a standard doctors 16 week appointment this week and a my "big" ultrasound scheduled for the end of this month.
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