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Symptoms w/o 4/1

How are you feeling this week?


Re: Symptoms w/o 4/1

  • Heartburn is starting to take over my life and I feel gross, yuck. Also insomnia, although this may have been stress related last night. I'm definitely feeling the effects of not drinking enough water yesterday since we were busy and on the go all day long, big mistake!

  • MS round 2 is starting back up. Atleast in the first trimester when this happened, I could have some crackers and water. Not this time. It's not everyday. Last week, I had it two different days. Already starting today. Ugh. Still swelling up, having headaches. 
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  • My heartburn and indigestion are still pretty much always there... plus weird dreams!

    @smsaulino oh no, hipe you are able to get some relief!  :s
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  • @BusinessWife did you end up adding prilosec or omeprazole? If so, has it been helping?

  • @BusinessWife the pull is strong to lay on the couch or bed after some snacking! Haha I know I should be staying upright for at least 30 minutes afterward but sometimes that just doesn't happen. My next appointment is on the 9th so I'm going to ask about dosing if need be then.

  • Save the depression and gaining weight:

  • Definitely more emotional, still having nausea a few days a week but it isn't cured by ginger ale or eating and is all day, constipation, and I noticed my bump has gotten higher this week. I guess this is more of side effect or progression but I was forced to get a new bra and probably won't be in this one much longer. Pre-pregnancy I was a 38C but now I'm already a 38D and it's got only a little bit of cup room. 
  • I’m crying soooo much this weekend! I seriously was not emotional at all until 2 days ago. I’m 16+2. And, finally showing! 
  • Heartburn is killer!! Tums are my BFFs right!! Emotional beyond measures, starting crying during the movie Guess Who! It's a comedy..... I've noticed a little bump! 17 wks tomorrow. People wonder if I'm fat or pregnant! Our baby girl only moves when her daddy is home and talking, if it's just me there is no movement! Cannot wait to meet our precious daughter! 
  • Feeling mostly better with some bad days here and there. Yesterday had a little nausea with all the food around and lots of time in the car. I still have tons of gas I think I could fart on command and if I am stuck in public a while my stomach hurts and feels huge by the time I get somewhere I can “deflate”. Anyone else still having all the gas? 
  • Oy the SPD/pelvic girdle pain is in full effect. I’m already waddling and depressed that this won’t get better until September. I knew it got worse with subsequent pregnancies but it’s only week 18.  :'(
  • @klj0228 Yup, so gassy! Especially when I'm constipated. :persevere:
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  • iba34iba34
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    For those of you taking Diclegis or Unisom+B6, how long did it take to kick in and work? I started taking Unisom+B6 at about 12 weeks, and at about 13 weeks I started to feel better. (NOTHING worked to make my nausea feel better - not ginger, sour things, sea bands, etc.) So either it took a really long time to kick in, or I just started feeling better because I was reaching the second trimester. Now that I've been feeling better for a few weeks I want to stop taking it, but I'm worried that if it was the meds making me feel better, there will be a long turnaround time if need to go back on. I'm 16 weeks pregnant today.
  • @Wishilivedinflorida do you have a maternity belt? My midwife told me I needed to get one today so I’ve been googling and many of the reviews specifically mention relief from SPD.
  • @klj0228 yup, the gas is insane. 
  • @iba34 I started taking Dislegis week 7. I felt a difference right away, but it took 3-4 days to feel totally better. I’m in week 16 now. Around week 14, I weaned down from 2 pills at night to 1. After 5 days on only 1 pill, I tried stopping. I got so sick the next day. I went back on just 1 pill a day and felt better right away. I’m going to try stopping again at 18 weeks. 
  • @spottedginger I do, I just need to dig it out. It didn’t do much for me last time, and I feel like I’m not big enough to have it make a difference yet, but I guess I’ll try it. I’m going to try to go see PT at least for a consult to get some exercises to see if that helps. I’ve heard swimming helps, but I don’t have time for that!
  • @Wishilivedinflorida gotcha. If yours was a miracle worker, I was going to ask what kind you had and liked. I’ll be starting up the prenatal water aerobics again once we have the move settled and I want to start seeing a Webster certified chirp again. Mine from last pregnancy moved offices farther out and won’t be convenient 
  • @spottedginger and @wishilivedinflorida My SPD hit full force at 15 weeks. I haven't pulled out my belt yet, because while it helped for back pain and belly ache when I was up and moving all day, it did absolutely nothing for the SPD in my case at all, and I find all things like that very very uncomfortable to sit in, and it turned peeing into 10 minute disaster. I couldn't stand to wear it all day-so maybe that's why it didn't help? Idk, but I'd rather not wear it and be able to sit and pee easily and have pain standing and walking, than wear it and feel worse while sitting than standing.

    Hoping that my experience was unusual.

    My new symptom this week: rib pain/stretching and crushed organs feeling already. I can't slouch at all because then I can't breathe. Short torso joys. Crossing fingers this little baby tucks in nicely instead of the odd, unfortunate hands on top of my ribs place my last one held!
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  • lisac113lisac113
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    I am right there with many of you with the emotions.  I have been incredibly emotional, especially in the evenings.  I am 15.4 and don't have much in the way of a bump but everything feels tighter in my stomach area.  I am trying to wean myself of Unisom and B6, but I learned the hard way on Saturday night that I should probably go down to half a Unisom to start after being on in for 8+ weeks.   My constipation is no joke, I think I might need a daily dose of Colace. 

    @SkilledSailor I think anyone asking me if I was sure they didn't have twins in their belly would make me ugly cry.  I'm sorry. 

  • @klj0228 My constipation and gas is out of control.  I am a high school teacher, my gas situation is not good. 
  • @lisac113 and others... For constipation I was using a stool softener (docusate) and miralax, that combination worked/works well
  • @EErin86 good to know, I might add in the miralax.  
  • @EErin86 I’ll have to try the docusate. So far miralax has done nothing for me. 

    @lisac113 I can’t imagine being a hs teacher with all this gas. Sometimes it just slips out and it’s embarrassing around my friends and family, but HS kids would be even harder.
  • Less nausea but more headaches, same boob tenderness, a bit of peeling nipples, but nothing too crazy.
    I didn't realize peeing nipples was a thing. I'm so glad you posted this because yesterday I noticed mine were peeling and I was like wtf?? 3rd baby... new symptom for me. 

    Also. The headaches. I can't even. My doctor cleared me for Excedrin migraine today because even promethazine won't touch it. 
  • @ellbeedee I had peeling nipples a bit last time too. I thought it started later last time, like maybe 3rd tri?
  • symptoms...besides some headaches....good to go. I have THE worst upper respiratory wtf mother nature?!?! So....I called the nurse and she was like "I can call in an antibiotic or you can go see your pcp"....uhh....I will take the call it in approach so I don't have to get myself dressed today...thanks! So....waiting on that....but this is the pits!
  • @lisac113 gas as a hs teacher sounds awful!

    @iba34 Although I found some relief within the first couple of days of taking Unisom+B6, I think it took about a full week before the nausea was actually gone and I had a regular appetite. I've tried stopping it 3 times, and each time, I knew the very next day I wasn't ready, but then when I take it again, I feel better within a few hours. I've been trying half a pill the past 2 nights, and I felt okay yesterday, but I'm not feeling so great today. 
  • I actually think my protein shakes are a large culprit in making me nauseous. It just sucks because with my current appetite, I'm not really getting the protein I think I should be getting.
  • @klj0228 Ugh that meme is too real! I pretty much existed on dry honey nut cheerios in first tri. I kept some in a tupperware by my bed to snack on every time I woke up in the middle of the night. Hope it subsides for you soon! 

    New symptom today: I'm ravenous! It feels like I cannot eat enough. 

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