Ditching the pump but still breastfeeding?

Hi, new poster here so apologies if i should have added under a different threat.
LO is 14 months old.  Im currently 2 months pregnant and my supply has tanked.  Its fine when she nurses but pumping has gone down to less than an ounce a pump.  
She still loves nursing before and after work, and i send bottles from freezer stash with her to daycare.  We are currently trying to transition her to solely solids and cows milk for fear my supply is tanking.  
Do you ladies think its ok to stop pumping totally during the day and just continue feeding AM/PM until she's totally weaned?  Or do you have any better suggestions/


Re: Ditching the pump but still breastfeeding?

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    I would suggest dropping no more than one pump/feed per week. That gives your breast the time to realize they don’t need to produce as much without you feeling too engorged or threatening mastitis. You can continue to do am/pm feeds as long as you’d like, but know that after you drop enough nursing sessions your supply may tank even more and your daughter might lose interest.
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