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I see so many posts about names like Mabel, Hazel, Ada, etc. Seems like little old lady names are popular now. So why don't we see Hilda, Blanche, Gertrude, or Lois?

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    Stylistic and taste differences. Mabel and Hazel both end in an -el sound which is currently popular, and the -a ending for Ada is also popular, plus it can be a nn for names like Adelaide Adeline/Adalyn etc. 

    Conversely, Blanche and Gertrude don't really have any currently popular sounds to them, Lois is maybe perceived more like Karen or Susan, middle age I-want-to-talk-to-the-manager then nice knitting grandma. 

    I like Hilda. I wish more people would consider it. Certainly better than another Makenna or Bailey
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    I have an Evelyn. We love little old lady names. That’s my contribution to this post. 
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    I know a little Gertrude and she is darling nn Gertie
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    I know a very young Frances, Elsie, Gladys, Lorna, Louise... Different strokes, I suppose. 
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    My girl is Eloise and it suits her 100%. Would never go back.
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    Agree with above @Bringmemylongswordho

    i like old lady names a lot, but still prefer ones that are more femenine or “pretty”... Blanche just doesn’t sound pretty to me.
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    I do not think any of them are very pretty
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    Blanche is what I do to vegetables, so I don’t find it appealing as a name.  Lois is very ‘meh’ to me, it’s very plain.  But I love Louise.

    Love Gertrude! 

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