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Meal Plan 3/25-3/31

What's cooking? I like getting ideas from this thread. Anyone hosting Easter brunch or dinner?

Re: Meal Plan 3/25-3/31

  • 1. BBQ pulled chicken in instant pot with buns 
    2. Quiche Lorraine with bacon
    3. Frozen dino nuggets for the kids and DH while I go out with friends
    4. Burgers
    5. Pesto pasta and chicken
    6. Tomato basil soup and grilled cheese
    7. Leftovers/wing it

    (I also have sweet potatoes and various veggies to throw together for sides.)

    I'm hosting Easter dinner and have no menu yet, lol. Probably a Costco ham, green beans, rolls, deviled eggs... help me out with the rest!

  • @llamamama14 make some sweet potatoes to go along with your Easter spread and have your guests bring a dish. Don't make it hard on yourself! 
  • Monday: chicken enchilada bake
    Tuesday: Spaghetti w/ garlic parmesan broccoli
    Wednesday: Crustless pizza casserole
    Thursday: Asian pork meatballs w/ Apple slaw
    Friday: sheetpan chicken fajitas 
    Saturday: grilled cheese on pumpernickel w/  tomato bisque
    Sunday: bringing sausage stuffed mushrooms &  low carb brownie cheesecake 
  • @twelvetwosomeonenew Don't worry I'm not stressing. I'm only hosting my folks and 2 siblings and my mom will probably bring half the food. Plus ham and rolls are just heat and serve. :)

  • @llamamama14 good deal! Sometimes I forgot that not everyone has half a million people at their holiday dinners.  :D 
  • I don’t have specific days but here are our meals:

    -instant pot loaded baked potato soup
    -pork chops and asparagus 
    -one pot Shephards pie

    Friday we will be heading to Madison for my shower on Saturday. Not sure if we’re doing anything for Easter but I’m not bringing anything if we are lol. 
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  • I also don't have specific days but we're doing:
    - Chicken Caesar Salads
    - Beef Tacos & Rice
    - Hamburgers & Roasted Veggies
    - Baked Chicken & Tortellini

    We have one "eat out" night planned on Wednesday because DD has her sibling class through the hospital which has been rescheduled over and over due to the influenza outbreak and kids under 12 not being allowed into the hospital!
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  • We've fallen off the meal planning lately.  And we aren't home much this week.  Here's what we do have on the menu:

    Sunday: Lentil Soup and Corn Bread
    Monday: Babysitter to give kids dinner and DH and I are eating out as we have errands to run after work
    Tuesday: Brats, baked beans, salad
    Wednesday: Pizza night 
    Thursday: Brother and SIL in town, so we'll eat in a restaurant with them
    Friday: Something with Chicken - Pot Pie maybe.
    Saturday: Something with beef - Stroganoff maybe.
    Sunday: Easter at my parent's house.

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  • I ate out way too much while I was out of town last I'm feeling motivated to cook at home every night this week. I meal planned last night and did a huge grocery haul this morning. Up on the menu this week:

    Mon: Garlic roast chicken breast with rosemary and lemon, twice baked red potatoes, side salads

    Tues: Beef stroganoff

    Wed: zucchini boats (stuffed with potatoes, chicken, corn, cheese)

    Thurs: Tacos

    Fri: leftovers

    Sat: Pasta with chicken sausage and broccoli 

    And I bought a ham for Easter but nothing for Luckily its just H and I (plus a toddler who is only eating grapes, peas and cheerios this week...) so we'll just improvise :)
  • We always had ham for Easter, and I don’t like ham. What else can I make? DD is getting old enough that I’m trying to start traditions. 
  • izza2izza2
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    @pupsicle23 - Turkey? Some people do turkey for Easter. I think ham, chicken, and lamb are the three "traditional" foods that people make (in terms of meats) for Easter, though.
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  • @pupsicle23 We often do salmon. That was our tradition growing up because my mom didn't cook chicken or red meat.

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