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Tru / Trudy

SuisseMissSuisseMiss member
edited March 2018 in Baby Names
I love the nickname Tru or Trudy but can’t think of any long form name other than Gertrude (no thanks) that would work. Ideas?

Re: Tru / Trudy

  • I can’t think of any, but i think you could use Trudy as a stand-alone. 
  • I agree that Trudy could easily stand by itself. If you are just wanting a longer name, you could make it a nickname for something that isn't totally similar (like Gertrude - eek!) The only example that is coming to mind at the moment is Katrina... but maybe you get what I mean. (Either that or I'm sleep-deprived :)
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  • My husband’s great grandmother was Trudis and went by Trudy. 
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