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Middle name for Meredith

We are currently team green but I’m struggling to come up with girls names I love... right now I really like Meredith but can’t think of any great middle names... any suggestions?

Other girls names I like:

Bonus: feel free to suggest new first names as well!


Re: Middle name for Meredith

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    I like Meredith Audrey or Meredith Charlotte.
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    Love Meredith!

    Meredith Claire 
    Meredith Lorraine
    Meredith Elise
    Meredith Irene
    Meredith Selene
    Meredith Renee
    Meredith Diane
    Meredith Corrine
    Meredith Pauline

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    I know a Meredith Claire and love how that sounds
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    I love all your names (and have a 14 year old Charlotte to prove it!) With Meredith, I like mn Claire/Clare. A one syllable name works well. I also really like Meredith Jane and Meredith Hope. Look at your family tree and see if there are any one syllable names you might use that have some meaning (I used the surname Gray, my great great grandmother's maiden name as my daughter's middle). Meredith is long enough that a long mn seems too much to me. 
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    Love Meredith! I think short and sweet sounds best with it

    Meredith Jade
    Meredith Claire
    Meredith Rose

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    I agree with thinking it needs to be short and sweet! Jane was my top runner for a while but my DH doesn’t love the idea of her being called Meri Jane... which I’m sure will come out of someone’s mouth so I was trying to think of other short and sweet names...

    Other contenders:

    but I haven’t found one yet that I absolutely loved more than another one 
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    I like Lee. Perhaps Diane? Susanne? I guess I like the "an" sound but I'm not 100% sold on Anne alone.
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    Jade is pretty and very close to the Jane you liked. 
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    I'm a Jane, so I love that you liked Jane as the mn. But I understand your husband's reticence. I think Meredith Rose or Meredith Anne are very nice (much prefer them both to the suggested Meredith Jade)
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    Meredith Elaine
    Meredith Kate
    Meredith Lorraine
    Meredith Anne
    Meredith Faith
    Meredith Paige
    Meredith Josephine (Meri Jo is a cute nn)
    Meredith Lucille (Meri Lu is also a cute nn)

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    Meredith Rae
    Meredith Renee
    Meredith Jean

    I love all of your first names! Meredith was on the list for my 2.5 yo daughter but my DH wasn't a fan.  When she was born we were between Charlotte and Eleanor.  We ended up going with Eleanor Rae.  My middle name is Rae and my father, grandfather and great grandfather all have the first name Ray.
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