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New moms and dads that need good advice

My son is 2 weeks and 2 days old, I think my fiance is not gentle enough when holding him, how to tell whats not gentle enough and how to tell new dad.

Re: New moms and dads that need good advice

  • Do you think he's being abusive? There's no way for people on the internet, without a lot more detail, to tell if he's being too rough. Does the baby cry when your fiancé is holding him? Does he get bruises or injuries?

    If the answer to the above is yes, you need to get help for yourself and your baby and make sure you are both safe. There are services in most towns to help you. 

    If you don't think it's to the level of actual abuse, just ... tell him. Like, my husband has been running around with our daughter and playing with her and I'm like "slow down, I think you're jostling her too much," and he's said similar stuff to me. That's the kind of thing you really need to be comfortable with talking to each other about when you're in a relationship and parenting. 
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