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Rose vs Hazel

We have narrowed down our girl pick to Rose or Hazel. Siblings names are Lacey and Theo.

Thoughts in which one works better? Also, any middle name suggestions. We were thinking Mae.

Re: Rose vs Hazel

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    I like both, but Rose more. Rose Mae is too choppy, I’d go with a longer middle like
    Rose Victoria
    Rose Olivia
    Rose Josephine
    Rose Camilla
    Rose Genevieve

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    Rose with a longer middle name. I like PP's suggestion of Rose Victoria.
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    Partial to Rose as that’s my current youngest, but Hazel is nice too!

    My Rose is, Rose Harper, I personally like the more masculine MN paired with a feminine FN


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    Love Rose

    Mae is to short with Rose i think

    Rose Collette
    Rose Elizabeth
    Rose Simone
    Rose Nicolette
    Rose Danielle
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    I left this out of my original post but we actually gave our kids older two kids two middle names. The second one has had family significance and is usually only used when the kids are super naughty.
    So we have Theodore Owen Lawrence and Lacey Grace Cassidy.
    For the second middle name it will likely be Elizabeth.  I don’t know if that changes anyone’s opinion of the shorter Mae middle name.
    I am torn between ditching the two middle name thing this time around but then don’t want this kid to have a complex.
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    I’d go with Hazel. I feel like Rose is a common middle name choice, so its a little boring to me. Both are lovely though. 
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    Hazel Mae is <3 !!!!!
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    I prefer Hazel 
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    I prefer Rose (by a lot). I do think a longer middle name (one) would work best with Rose. Try looking at your family tree and choose one that way.
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    I would give Hazel an edge to Rose, but I am never partial to single-syllable names for some reason.  

    Of Rose Mae Elizabeth Lastname  or Rose Elizabeth Mae Lastname , I like the latter.  Ditto with Hazel Elizabeth Mae Lastname.
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    My one hesitation with Hazel is nicknames. My husband thinks I am silly but I grew up with a name
    that had no obvious nicknames so I like a name with obvious nicknames. 
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    I like Hazel and it doesn’t have any obvious nicknames to me.
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    I prefer Hazel. Why not Hazel Rose?
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    @SuisseMiss I had suggested that to my husband and he thought having two color names was silly. It is funny because I don’t even think of colors first when I hear the names.
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    cfiocfio member
    Love Hazel...combine them, Hazel Rose sounds nice 
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    JMU_Bride09JMU_Bride09 member
    edited March 2018
    @SuisseMiss I had suggested that to my husband and he thought having two color names was silly. It is funny because I don’t even think of colors first when I hear the names.
    I don't think colors either.  They both feel more nature inspired to me.  I vote for Rose, but either name is good.  If you do decide to continue your tradition of two middle names, I think that you could do something longer than Mae if you desired since Rose and Hazel are both short.  But nothing long like Elizabeth.  

    Middle name suggestions for both, some with double middle and some with single middle:

    Rose Amanda 
    Rose April
    Rose Lillian
    Rose Olivia 
    Rose Patricia

    Hazel Charlotte 
    Hazel Chastity 
    Hazel Edith
    Hazel Naomi

    Rose Cecily Elizabeth 
    Rose Laurel Elizabeth 
    Rose Lena Elizabeth 
    Rose Tara Elizabeth 

    Hazel Grace Elizabeth 
    Hazel Jewel Elizabeth 
    Hazel June Elizabeth
    Hazel Pearl Elizabeth 
    Hazel Violet Elizabeth 
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    I was going to vote Rose bc it just sounds a little bit better with Lacey to me. But would use a longer middle with it.
    But, Hazel Rose does sound very pretty. (And doesn't strike me as 2 colors.)
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    I prefer Rose!
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    Rose w/ a longer MN.  Rose Elizabeth - Rose Victoria - Rose Evangeline - 
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    moonylover10moonylover10 member
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    Hazel! Hazel! Hazel! I absolutely love the name Hazel! 

    Hazel Rose is a very pretty name, I'm 100% set on using my middle name for a future daughter so I've never thought past the first name lol.
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    My grandmother's name was Hazel Rose :smile:
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