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Looking for ideas if this baby is a boy. Brother’s name is Augustus nn Gus. We would like something with the same feel as Augustus. We like longer names with nicknames. The middle name will be Stephan so we’d like no names that start or end with S. Last name is Minor. Give me your best suggestions! TIA!


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Re: Baby Boy

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    Montgomery Stephan (nn Monty)
    Constatine Stephan 
    Benedict Stephan (nn Ben or Benny) 
    Maximilian Stephan (nn Max) 
    Archibald Stephan (nn Archie)
    Beauregard Stephan (nn Beau) 
    Frederick Stephan (nn Fred or Freddy) 
    Desmond Stephan (nn Des or Desi) 

    Breaking your no ending in S rule. I don’t think these sound too bad with the middle name. 

     Phineas Stephan (nn Finn)
    Julius Stephan
    Thaddeus Stephan (nn Thad, Tad, Teddy)
    Solomon Stephan (nn Sol)

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    Isaac nn Ike
    Zachariah nn Zac
    Abraham nn Abe 
    Archibald nn Archie, Arch
    Broderick (means brother) nn Brody (nms) 
    Dashiell nn Dash
    Ignatius nn Nate
    Leonardo nn Leo
    Maximillian nn Max
    Harrison nn Harry
    Franklin nn Frank

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    Abraham, nn Abe
    Alexander, nn Alex 
    Arthur, nn Art
    Benedict, nn Ben 
    Benjamin, nn Ben or Benji 
    Bradley, nn Brad
    Dominic, nn Dom 
    Jefferson, nn Jeff 
    Jeremiah, nn Jerry
    Jonathon, nn Jon
    Julian, nn Jules
    Maximillian, nn Max 
    Oliver, nn Ollie 
    William, nn Wills, Willie, Liam 
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    I recently read the book Iggy Peck, Architect to my son. Iggy's full name is Ignatius. That name is starting to grow on me. I like that it also means fiery one. 
    I'm also a fan of longer boys names that can be shortened. My son's name is Theodore nickname Teddy, and if my daughter had been a boy we would have named him Desmond. 
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    Valentino nn Tino
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