Never-Ending Mastitis

I wanted to share my story. I know I'm not alone. What I have is rare, but I want to help others in my situation. Back in September, I had a miscarriage. I was only 6 weeks. November comes along and my left breast starts hurting underneath. A large lump forms and I have a red streak under my breast. I thought it would go away with my period, but it only got worse. I thought it was just hormonal changes from the miscarriage and breast changes.
I went to a breast specialist and she diagnosed me with mastitis. She put me on clindamycin for 7 days. After the 7 days, the bottom of my breast feels great, but above my areola is a hard painful circular area. She said it was fine, just hormones causing this. 2 weeks later, the mastitis comes back along with the red streak. That area above my areola is still painful. It never went away. My obgyn put me on a different antibiotics and it only got worse. I leaned that different strains of mastitis don't work well with certain antibiotics.
I get an ultrasound done and a mammogram. Everything came out great. I go see another breast specialist. He puts me back on clindamycin for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, my breast feels great, except for this area above my areola. This new specialist basically says he doesn't know what's happening. 
Within the next few days, my breast starts to swell up. Its burning to the touch .I go see an infectious disease doctor. They want me to get an MRI of my breast, but I can't get an MRI for another 3 weeks because I have to wait till after my period comes to get it done. 
By this point, my breast is completely engorged and burning up. Large lumps were forming over night. I have fevers and no one seems to know what's wrong with me. I go to the hospital and they admit me for 3 days. My white blood cell count is double the normal amount. 
While in the hospital, they put me on an extremely strong concoction of antibiotics. By the time I left, my swelling starts to go down and the pain in diminishing in my areola. Things are starting to look up. I go see a plastic surgeon since I know my implants need to be taken out because of the infection. 
The surgeon wanted to see my blood culture from the hospital. It came out negative for any infection. He said because of this and with my symptoms I have chronic recurring sub areola absess.
Basically my milk duct was trying to kill me. Particles were being excreted in there when there shouldn't have been. I'm in remission now. This can act up again at any point in my life. Once this happens, I will need to get the milk duct removed. The surgeon couldn't remove it at the time of my implant removal because he didn't know which milk duct it was. 
I'm honestly terrified to get pregnant with this. I don't want to get pregnant and have this act up again. I have no kids, I've only been pregnant once and that ended in a miscarriage. My husband and I will be trying again in the next couple of months. I will be praying and if I can remember, I will update this to let you know how everything goes with this milk duct. 
If you're going through anything similar or have questions, please reach out. There is no information out there on this with women's first hand experience. 
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