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2 month old sleep questions

Three questions for you all

1. How many naps and for how long does/did your 2 month old sleep for?

2. My LO will not nap for longer than 30 minutes unless he is in his swing. In the swing he will sleep for up to 3 hours! Any tips on how I can get him to sleep anywhere else during the day? Also, hewont fall asleep without his pacifer during the day. It can take us almost an hour to get him down. Im dying
..i need to pump and would love to get some housework done while he naps but i have to paci sit. He sleeps fine in his pack n play at night (without his paci)

3. What are your favorite bedtime and naptime routines? Currently doing swaddle, pack, white noise machine for naps. Is this enough to signal it's time to sleep?

Re: 2 month old sleep questions

  • My sons 2 & a half months old, I let him give me ques hes sleepy & then I either stick him in his swing and he falls asleep on his own or if he's not having that I'll give him a pacifier and walk him around/ rock him. I'm not sure if your baby sleeps well to noises but if they do I'd turn a tv on so you don't have to tip toe around the house. 

    What i do, is when he doesn't fall asleep in the swing and I have to get him to sleep, I slowly put him down but hold him close to my chest until he's almost fully sitting in the swing and then try to remove my hands as gently as possible.  
  • Adding onto my last post, I never try to put him to sleep unless he lets me knows he tired. I've tried a couple times and it ends up being an hour process because he's not sleepy like that
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