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WTF Wednesday 2/28

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  • @stothi tired today! I slept GREAT through most of the first tri and now that I'm nearing the end, I'm waking up a bunch and not sleeping soundly. Sigh.
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  • WTF dd, deciding to gag and threaten to puke at every meal is getting seriously old. It’s yogurt, it should not take an hour to eat one yogurt cup and not even all of a ham patty... not to mention the lack of eating is causing the cramping and constipation you’re dealing with... we had this down, please, please, stop fighting me! 

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  • @SkilledSailor mine hasn't gone away either.  It is starting to get a bit better though, I haven't thrown up all week!  Last time it hung around until 14 weeks.  I hope this time is similar.
    My WTF is for my toddler.  This morning he wanted cheerios with milk.  After I gave it to him, he picked up the bowl looked right at me, said dump it out and poured the whole thing on the floor.  Then he announced there was a messy and told me to clean it up. Seriously, kid?
  • WTF sellers/agent of the house I really really want???!!! We put in an offer on Monday night, didn't get a counter offer until late last night (which wasn't even a counter, just sales price) upped our offer last night and still haven't heard an update. This house had a sale fall through already and has been on the market for over a month (in a very hot market) and yet these people don't seem at ALL motivated. I am pissed. I want a house.
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  • ugh, @yogapants247 I hated this part of the house buying process! I really think there are 3 reasons houses sit on the market when it's otherwise a hot market--it's overpriced, there's something really wrong with the house, or the sellers just suck. Yours seems to be a case where the sellers just suck! They seem to have no motivation to leave, hopefully it all works out! On the bright side, you will never have to deal with them again after the sale is all said and done! 
  • @pourmeamocktail ; - I totally get it. I'm feeling like this just isn't going to happen based on what we've seen over the last 36 hours. I can't tell if it's the agent, sellers, or both, but this is so ridiculous.

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  • WTF with my boss dragging his feet on the promotion he discussed 2 months ago...I'd really like a concrete timeline BEFORE i have to tell him about the pregnancy. He's the type of guy who probably won't notice for quite some time, but other people are starting to notice already I think, so I'll have to tell him soon. I just lose any leverage as soon as I tell him. I'm trying to get something in writing, in case anything does happen where he back tracks after finding out about my pregnancy.

    WTF with 2 different contractors taking forever to give us estimates on a big renovation project (putting in a master bath and big walk-in closets). 
  • Why the F does my DS's hockey games start at 7 AM Saturday and Sunday. Why does anyone think 7 AM is a sane time to start a sporting event. UGH. Can't wait for this season to be over. 
  • Wtf MTV! Your super fun looking after clips for the Challenge are always upside-down and muted. Please fire the intern responsible
  • Oh and another WTF! I called my OBGYN office Friday to get meds because I was literally done with gagging in the toilet bowel. It took all day but they called in medicine that was rejected by my insurance. So my OB/GYN calls me back today - 3 days later - to offer me an OTC suggestion. Umm thanks a lot. 
  • @sarahlynn72181 wtf! Why wouldn't they call you first to let you know the med isn't covered?! I would be furious. I've been going to my doc for about 3 years now and as a gyn patient, they always checked with my insurance before calling a med in. As an OB, the doc has offered plenty of over the counter meds for relief. 
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  • WTF nightmares!!!!? My heart is beating out of my chest and I'm totally freaked out. That was way too realistic with way too many creepy details. Ugh!
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