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Symptoms week of 2/25

How is everyone feeling this week?


Re: Symptoms week of 2/25

  • I either had a fake out with decrease in nausea or some kind of bug. I feel hung over (still), and I switched from constipation to diarrhea. Oh, yay. Trying to push fluids and eat small frequent meals, though nothing sounds good. Also, VERY sensitive nose which is undoubtedly contributing to nausea again. Less than 3 weeks until second tri, can't come soon enough.

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  • @smsaulino Please send some of that my way! 13 weeks tomorrow and still exhausted and nauseated as ever. Can barely eat dinner most nights. Also, dizziness has entered the picture today. When I was pregnant with DS I was feeling fabulous by now.... :'(
  • Constipation...I think that one speaks for itself! 
  • @klj0228 that is what I take Metamucil for.. they make it in capsules also, for those that can't stand the powder. I haven't had any problems since I started taking it. 
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  • @Wishilivedinflorida I wish I could... I'm running around like crazy over here.. DH is convinced I'm highly caffeinated, but I am not. When I wasn't feeling my best, my dr told me just to eat small meals (or light snacking) throughout the day and not to lay down within two hours of eating and I've stuck to it and am doing a lot better on the sickness front of things. Also, to eat a piece of ginger candy or take a couple drinks of ginger soda when feeling nauseated. That helped also. I really hope you get to feeling better soon. 
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  • @klj0228 I have great luck with fiber bars/snacks or high fiber cereal like mini wheats or Quaker oatmeal squares. Good luck!
  • klj0228 said:
    Constipation...I think that one speaks for itself! 
    I second this! So constipated as well.
  • @nlc8424 I am the exact opposite of you. I went from diarrhea from week 4-9, and this last week I have gotten constipated. As bad as diarrhea sucks, I prefer that to the feeling of constipation!!

    @skilledsailor I have been telling my husband that my hips have been hurting the past few days. I'll probably start sleeping with a pillow between my legs, since the mornings are when it's the worst. But yay for the 2nd tri!
  • Oh the dreams are so intense, either sex or just plain out weird. I had such a strange one last night and I woke up mad from it lol. 

  • @Car0liiine I thought I felt something yesterday! But just once and haven’t noticed anything today. I guess time will tell if we’re right. 

    @klj0228 I don’t think I’ll get one but I have started using rolled up blankets in a similar way. 

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  • I’ve been getting intermittent headaches that don’t go away without Tylenol, which is weird for me. I’m also still totally breathless when going up stairs. 

    I’m tired, but less so, hallelujah! And other than the occasional dry heave, my nausea seems to have gone away too! 

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  • I felt a few flutters the other night too but I have an anterior placenta so I am hesitant to say they were kicks. Last time I didn’t have an anterior placenta and felt kicks much later. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see...
  •  Totally getting all the weird dreams and remembering every detail when I wake up. Also, nausea comes and goes, i've been falling asleep on the couch as early as 7, so tired! Lots and lots of broken up sleep, I wake up every couple hours or so with that sick stomach feeling. Gonna try to have some saltines, see if it helps. 

    @BusinessWife Good fiber recommendations with the gummies, dried fruit nuts too. I try to also make a point of drinking more water, some days are easier than others. 
    @megnwingate oh i'm so sorry about the smelly patients, I work a lot with the homeless population and I can relate to your struggle. Hope you find some time for breaks :) 
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  • All your flutters are making me anxious  (excitedly or course). I started feeling DS around 15wks and I hear STMs feel them earlier since they know. I can't wait :heart:
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    My flutters are definitely just gas :/ So much gas. Only 9 weeks over here so it's still gonna be awhile before I can actually feel little dude. I'm getting excited thinking about feeling little kicks again though.
    So, uh, am I the only freak that got motion sickness in the 3rd tri from kiddo rolling and bumping around in there? 

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  • Last weekend I had a pretty decent increase in energy and it was such a tease because I’m back to feeling like a zombie all the time. My sex drive is definitely back though, hallelujah! I’m still on the full diclegis dose and won’t even try to back off for a few weeks. I needed it the entire pregnancy last time. 

    I first started feeling movement with DS around 15 weeks and I could only ever feel movement while laying down until I got closer to 18/19 wks. So before bed every night, I’d just lie down with the light on and read or play on my phone and try to relax so I could feel something. Earliest movements for me felt like a holding a goldfish in a bag of water. It was like a “whoosh” feeling. 
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  • Iam 11 weeks today, I have been having lots of bloat in the upper region on my stomach, but no constipation, 
    INSANE chin hair growth :( yuk!! I pull out 5 new ones a day it seems! Some days I don't even have nausea but then when I do it's horrible! Been very tired! And starting to wake up every night to pee seems 4am is my routine!vivid dreams for sure as Well!! No nightmares but very clear detailed ones!! 
  • @rachel12385 me too with the hair growth! lol. I’ve always had lots of dark hair (ugh) but I feel like I have a 5 o’clock shadow already once I’m driving home from my wax appt. I have a pair of tweezers in every purse, my desk, car, etc LMAO. It’s gross. It could be worst I guess!  :D
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