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Fit Mom March Edition

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Happy Fit Friday Ladies! Here's Jane Fonda and her friend to guide you in your morning kegel exercises:

1. Anybody been working out recently?
3.Is there any interest in expanding this thread to include general healthy goals (eating healthy, drinking water, weight gain in check, doing kegels, etc.)

Re: Fit Mom March Edition

  • @llamamama14 That gif - lol! 

    1. I traveled most of the week, but got a workout in today.

    2. Workouts are is definitely getting more challenging. I'm having a harder time getting up and down from the ground. Squats are tougher and I'm lifting lighter with them. I'm winded walking up the two flights of stairs to get to my that is weird.

    3. I think it makes sense to expand it. I know @doxiemoxie212 started a water thread, but I think participation fell off. Maybe if we include it here, we'll get more input??
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  • @laceybee522 I was thinking recently about squat weight and how we're actually squatting our pregnant belly weight in addition to your bar weight. 

    1. AFM I'm still resting/recovering from a cold. I hope to get to a class tomorrow. 

    2. The last workout I did I was noticing pelvic floor strain starting to bother me when lifting weights or doing step cardio. I want to try to minimize the extra strain there but still get the benefits of exercise. I did google a couple pelvic floor exercises (other than kegels squats.)

    3. We could also make it monthly and bump it on Fridays for check-ins.

  • @llamamama14 My trainer was talking to me today about how we're changing my squats a little. Since my hips are widening, she has started having me shift my toes out more (instead of being straight forward toward the mirror). We're also working on sitting back in the squat. Since I've gotten the belly, I've been leaning forward more. I notice that when I do it correctly (sit back in the squat), it feels great on my hips.

    What did you find for pelvic floor exercises??

    Also, I think monthly works. 
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  • @LaceyBee522 Tranverse squats (toes pointed out like your trainer is having you do) are actually good for your pelvic floor according to one instructor at my gym. 

    Bird dogs and hip bridges are good too. Hip bridges would probably be more comfortable on an incline or ball during pregnancy. 

  • @llamamama14 Oooh, how interesting! We're doing both bridges (on a wedge pillow) and bird dogs! I didn't know she was sneaking in pelvic floor exercises. Lol!
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  • Do you ladies have any recommendations on maternity work out clothes? I NEED to get my body moving again. 
  • @BurlapandLace I bought leggings from Old Navy. I'm still wearing my regular tops because they are stretchy enough. 
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  • I'm cheap so I try to stretch (literally) what I have. I fold down the yoga pants and leggings I already have if the waist band is stretchy enough. Then I just wear the same basic maternity tanks and tees I use for regular wear. (Though I may need to start wearing DH's t-shirts to get some extra length because I have a long torso and even maternity tops won't cut it near the end of this pregnancy lol.

    +1 to Old Navy though, they have a lot of actual maternity activewear options at decent prices.

  • @llamamama14 @LaceyBee522 @BurlapandLace & others -- Happy Friday and how's it going? Any fitness or general health wins this past week? Any goals for next / this weekend?

    After a giant flub where I signed up for a free trial and forgot to cancel, I've found myself a proud new year-long subscriber to Aaptiv, a fitness app that has audio workouts with playlists and a "trainer in your ear." I hadn't used it at all during the trial period, but the guilt over the $$$ made me cancel my classpass membership and start trying it. Turns out, they have a week-by-week maternity program and I'm really loving it! There are ~2 cardio and 2-3 strength workouts each week, and my new goal is to keep up with the program, at least for the next month or two.

    Now if I could just quit taking down girl scout cookies like it's my job...
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  • @emiliadkay Thanks for reviving this thread! I've been doing okay. I got two good workouts in this week, but my travel for work has really been screwing up my schedule.

    Fun story: I was doing squats this morning and very nearly peed my pants. I was legit running to the bathroom. Whoops!

    Workouts are definitely getting harder for me. Things that used to be easy take a lot of effort and I'm backing down on weights, which is a little discouraging, but my trainer says it is normal and that I'm doing well. 
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  • @emiliadkay I just got back from the gym and was thinking about doing a Fit Friday post lol. I've been going to the gym a lot because my kids love the childcare and I've got friends I can socialize with there so as a SAHM there's a lot of incentive for me to get my butt to the gym. I told someone recently I'd be there 'til the bitter end of this pregnancy even if I'm just crawling on the treadmill while they watch my toddlers.

    As for my actual fitness I'm definitely slowing down but I'm still feeling benefits from what I'm doing and I know even though I'm the slow preggo lady doing a lighter workout I'm still setting myself up well for the 3rd tri, labor, and recovery. @LaceyBee522 the bladder struggles are real. I try to start class on an empty bladder and only drink a little during the workout. I also have to take a Zantac pre-workout so I don't get painful heartburn.


  • Yay! Glad you're both keeping up with a routine and making it work for where your bodies / energy levels are as we get further along. I'm so with you on both the bladder issues (many a jog has been slowed to a walk lest it become an emergency situation) and starting to tone things down -- standing up in spin class is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

    @llamamama14 My first apartment in NYC was gross and I hated my bathroom so much I quickly got in the habit of showering at the gym in the morning. Having a reason to be there every day is such a help in establishing a workout habit, and free childcare plus girltalk sounds like pretty good reasons!

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  • Thanks for reviving the thread. I don't think I've posted in Fit Friday before (best intentions, ya know?) but talked about exercise in some other threads.

    I'm still jogging but only 1-2 times a week, and there are plenty of walk breaks now (like @emiliadkay sometimes its because of the bladder...the other day I actually got off the treadmill twice in a 3 mile "run" to pee). I do get outside for at least 1 walk everyday the weather allows, and pushing the jogging stroller around my hilly neighborhood (while wrangling our boston terrier) for 2-3 miles definitely feels like a workout these days.

    I have been going to a free workout group for moms (called No Excuse Moms). Its nice because I can bring my kiddo (no childcare though so thats sometimes a challenge) and get to socialize with other moms (I agree about that being a good incentive @llamamama14). I'm modifying the HIIT workouts a lot but its still pushing me to do stuff I wouldn't do on my own.

    Its kind of funny that I feel pretty good working out most days but feel out of breath walking up a flight of stairs or bending over to pick up DS's toys 15 times a day...
  • @katelynrae86 yeah we have a No Excuses Mom group here but I've always found I get super annoyed trying to workout with my kids on power walks through the neighborhood. (Stop whining, have another cracker, no you can't get out of the stroller, no we can't walk to the playground mommy's getting exercise, etc.) Does your kiddo cooperate? I'm impressed you're still jogging. My pelvic floor can't handle it. I do the cardio step classes but I don't jump I do sad little squats.

    Also- I edited the title of this thread to make it the March Fit thread. I'm thinking we can just do monthly.

  • @llamamama14 well, it's hit and miss with how well it goes with DS (at 18 months he's not easily occupied...). I would much prefer a gym with childcare! We moved about 20 miles out of town when I was pregnant with him, so I cancelled my gym membership. I couldn't justify the cost when I would only realistically use it once or twice a week. To be honest, NEM isn't really ideal (like how the leaders don't have to have any certification so they don't really coach or always demo good form themselves) but I'm more motivated in a group setting than at home. And I've met some "mom friends" there :)
  • @katelynrae86 Yeah I think if I did NEM I would have to lower my expectations and view it as a playdate where I might get exercise.

    Also, not sure if you have a chapter near you but a friend who lives in a rural area runs her chapter of "Hike it Baby" and has built a good group of mom friends around it. 

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