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What My Pregnant Self is Eating 2/22

It's been about a month since this was last posted so... LET'S TALK ABOUT FOOD!!! 

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Re: What My Pregnant Self is Eating 2/22

  • kristencorwinkristencorwin
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    ....I can't eat I am so nauseous...
    I had applesauce today.. that's it
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  • I LOVE those @MrsBigTime !!!!!! Even when I wasn't pregnant, I loved the Snickers Ice Cream bars more than the actual Snickers bars. 
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  • I'm sure you might have tried this... but have you added sugar to the tomato sauce... it takes away a lot of the acidity. @ashh2018 you don't have to add too much sugar, just a little. when I make homemade Italian red sauce, it's a "secret ingredient". .. and all GIFs are courtesy of GIPHY.. thanks to @BusinessWife
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  • when I mentioned I was really loving bread products... donuts is one of those!!!! I've been loving them but I have always. I'm just more into the plain frosted ones instead of the chocolate iced ones now. @starla ;
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  • as my nausea slows down my appetite is in full force - and I need meals (NOT snacks) on the regular. i want  cheesy, and fruity things (all of the lemons - so weird, grapes, apples - and cheddar)
  • @smsaulino that’s an interesting tip, I’ll try it! My tummy problems had been so severe that I couldn’t even handle it with cheats like that. It’s 10000% better lately, thank goodness, but I’m still supposed to avoid acid. Baby don’t care. He wants pizza. All the pizza. Lol. 
  • @kristencorwin and @marym94 when my nausea was at it's worst, I found that nibbling on plain white bread and apple slices along with sipping on ginger soda throughout the day hugely helped. 
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  • @starla Same! I'm not a huge sweets person, but during both of my pregnancies I have craved them!

    AFM: cheese, bagels, loaded oatmeal, chips & salsa, fruit, Girl Scout cookies. I DID actually crave and eat a big salad for dinner the other night so I think I'm at a turning point! 
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  • Gosh @southernlady07 I've been wanting Girl Scout cookies bad... but DH said no this year.. normally we buy like 10 boxes 
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  • Today I am still nauseas, but not nearly as bad as the last week so I ate a cheeseburger and a bunch of fries. They were delicious! Other than that soups with a chicken broth base, bananas and applesauce. I have a very hateful relationship with food right now so I’m ready for the nausea and vomiting to be gone.
  • @starla H is legit worried I'll get GD. Not because of sweets though. Because roughly 50% of my diet right now is fresh fruits. We'll see how that goes..

    @smsaulino Girl yes to Girl Scout Cookies! One of the only drawbacks of being a solopreneur is that I don't have co-workers selling their kid's cookies in the office. And I haven't seen any stands. Trust me, I've been looking.

    Like I just said, half my diet is fruit right now. It's been the main thing I could eat with MS. BUT my MS is finally going away, just a lingering queasy feeling. So now I've been eating lots of foods. Veggie burgers, fries, vegan alfredo with "chicken", smoothies, quesadillas. Man I'm hungry! Yesterday I successfully went grocery shopping AND cooked dinner. First time since the BFP that I've done both in the same day.  

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  • @SkilledSailor I'm loving smoothies. DH has considered getting a better blender to make them because most of our "fast food budget" has been used at Smoothie King this past month. 
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  • My husband finally found Girl Scout cookies while I was on a trip over the weekend. I was so excited when he told me. 
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  • Nothing sounds fantastic to me right now, so I'm still kind of just eating to eat. I'm kind of burnt out when it comes to cooking dinner and grocery shopping. Some of the best things I've had lately include a turkey wrap with cucumbers this afternoon, loving me some fruit, a tuna melt earlier this week.

    I haven't changed what I've been eating a lot since before getting pregnant, though I've had a couple of cravings (chips and guac, turkey sub). 

    I definitely had a turning point last pregnancy where I got more energy, so I'm looking forward to getting that back so I enjoy cooking more.

  • All of you are making me seriously consider busting out my nutribullet and making smoothies in the morning for breakfast. Mmm that might be added to my list this weekend.

  • LMAO. Precisely @starla. As you were ;)
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  • I can’t get enough chips or strawberries. I just alternate throughout the day and try to drink some green smoothies when I’m feeling up for it so my system has some veggies in it. Also....velveeta Mac and cheese. Baby wants salt and strawberries! 
  • @BusinessWife my H can be pretty picky and I can't get him to eat like any stew or pot roast. Your dinner looks yummy!

  • @BusinessWife I know! All I've thought about lately is food and knew I had to revive this thread.. 
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  • Bread and Mexican food! Nothing remotely healthy. I swore I'd stay on my protein and veggie heavy diet first trimester.... what a joke.
    Me too! I have only been able to eat refried beans, rice and tortilla chips. Love my local hole-in-the-wall mexican restaurant.
  • @BusinessWife that looks delicious! 

    I am am so glad to see everyone’s appetites are starting to come back! It’s a glimmer of hope for those of us still in the MS business. 

    @jhjocelyn I wanted a pickle earlier and looked in the fridge...no pickles! We always have pickles. 
  • @nsquaredlife13 OMG!!!!! I'm loving it!!!! We don't have any syrup or whip cream in the house so I've been eating pancakes, waffles and french toast with strawberry and blueberry jam on top. 
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  • smsaulino said:
    @kristencorwin and @marym94 when my nausea was at it's worst, I found that nibbling on plain white bread and apple slices along with sipping on ginger soda throughout the day hugely helped. 
    I need to try ginger soda! why have i not? I have been drinking the ginger hot tea but now have a huge aversion to it so the soda sounds refreshing. thanks!
  • @klj0228 nnoo!! That’s the worst! DH has been bringing home a different jar every couple days trying to find the exact flavor i’ve been hankering  :D. Dill, but white not green. Of course once he got the label i was picturing, it didn’t taste as good... but they he found claussen’s and I am in heaven! HAHA

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