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Has anyone taken anti-anxiety medications for subsequent pregnancies?

I'm thinking of asking my doctor about anti-anxiety medications if I ever have another pregnancy, but I'm worried about side effects. I've never had anxiety issues outside of pregnancy, but after multiple losses, including two MMC after a heartbeat, I'm worried about my ability to cope. I'm also worried that if I start taking one now, mid cycle, it will make things worse for a few weeks before it starts helping.

I'm curious what others have done. I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts about balancing the risks versus benefits.

Thanks in advance. <3
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Re: Has anyone taken anti-anxiety medications for subsequent pregnancies?

  • Treating anxiety during pregnancy can be really tricky and will largely depend on how you process medications overall. 

    I had 15 consecutive losses prior to my current pregnancy (now at 21 weeks; all previous losses were at 8 weeks or sooner), so I completely understand pregnancy induced anxiety. 

    I have a series of genetic mutations that have altered a lot of the metabolic pathways for medications for me, the end result being that some I metabolize poorly, so don't really have an effective dose for, and others I hyper metabolize, so I get increased levels of it in my plasma and I burn through it really quickly. 

    For people who don't have that particular issue, generally doctors will want to try pregnancy-safe anti-depressants first. Typical anxiety meds used to treat acute anxiety like benzodiazepams are greatly avoided; many studies have linked them to fetal defects, especially cleft disorders. If antidepressants are not working, your doctor may try Buspar, which deals with symptoms much like Xanax does, but is not a benzo and must be taken every day instead of only when symptoms are present. Buspar is widely accepted as safe in pregnancy, and I transitioned to it from Xanax with this pregnancy. It seems to work okay. 

    Good luck. If it helps, the closer you get to viability, the more you'll relax a bit. 
  • After my first miscarriage, my OBgyn gave me a script for Zoloft, which I had used in the past.  He wanted me to continue it through out my pregnancy after, but it was making me too sleepy so I had to stop taking it.  With how bad my anxiety would get, I wish I kept taking it.
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  • First, so sorry for your loss.  I had an ectopic, a mmc, and CP.  The anxiety skyrocketed after this....
    Check out:

    TW- pg mentioned

    It's all based on research studies and science rather than people's opinions.  I have severe anxiety and had been on klonopin for 15 years prior to this pg (31 weeks).  I got off of the clonopin just to be safe.  But, I have had to use it a handful of times throughout the pg when I was experiencing paralyzing panic attacks. The good news is I go to therapy and have been able to manage my anxiety with that, yoga, exercise, and meditation.  There is definitely hope after multiple losses.  The anxiety will be there but you can manage it.  And if you do have to take meds that is definitely doable.  Good luck.
  • Also, perhaps it's worth trying to speak to a therapist first, if you haven't already. Specifically one who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy. It's actually been proven to be as helpful as SSRIs without any potential risks. However, if you do need end up needing anti-depressants don't feel bad because as the previous commentator said anxiety is more harmful than these prescription meds.
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