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Showing earlier with second baby?

Did anyone else feel like they are showing earlier with their second pregnancy? I'm a little past 8 weeks and feel I look the same as I did when I was 4 months pregnant with my first. Any tips on what to wear to not make the bump obvious? Did you end up announcing earlier then planned, because you were already showing? I dont want to announce at work till I am at least past 12 weeks. If someone ask what do I say?

Re: Showing earlier with second baby?

  • Last time I was showing by 14 weeks.  I'm trying super hard not to announce until at least 12 weeks, but its getting really hard to hide it.  Both my mom and DH have mentioned how I have quite a bump going on.  I'm wearing a lot of baggy shirts and open cardigans now.  Which I feel like is suspicious since its not my usual style at all.  I'm also not sure how well its working.  One more week to go!
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  • If you have a minute, I would suggest introducing yourself in the introductions thread and reading the  Read First, Board Organization thread. They are both pinned at the top of the page and will help you learn your way around here and give us a chance to get to know you better :)
  • I began showing with #1 around 18 weeks, and with #2 around 12 weeks! I'm like forever bloated right now and worried I'll be really showing #3 any day now. :P 
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  • I don’t remember when I started showing last time but I told work at 12 weeks and remember I was still fitting into tight clothes. I just turned 13 weeks today and sipping up my coat was tight last week. I definitely have a bump. I first noticed it looking like a real bump around 9 weeks?
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  • @veslick Yes! I am 9 weeks this week and my belly has already turned into a nice small round bump. Good it is winter and I can wear lots of sweaters

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