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Any Makena / progesterone shot moms out there?

I’m 25 weeks along and started Makena shots at 17 weeks, so I’ve had 9 doses. At first I didn’t notice any side effects, but these last 2-3 weeks have been tough. I had a little perspective today after a rough day and I think I’m having symptoms of depression. I feel more withdrawn and less active with my 3 year old. I’ve always been a very in the moment parent and frequently find myself on the sidelines now. I’m also having trouble sleeping, feeling more anxious at night and slightly more moody. 

I’m not sure if some of that is just normal pregnancy stuff or what. Any other mommas experience mood changes and or depression while on Makena? 

Re: Any Makena / progesterone shot moms out there?

  • Hi, 
    U probably had ur baby by now...but I'm 21 weeks and been on the makana shots since 16 weeks. I have always suffer from anxiety but I have noticed I'm having problems sleeping and more anxious  so yes I definitely think that's a side affect.
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