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miscarriage won’t end... second D&c might be needed

Hi all. I hope it’s ok I am posting here like this for the first time. I feel so alone and defeated and I’ve felt such support from the birth group here before, I decided to come here. 

I am now 4 weeks and 2 days and counting of my miscarriage with no end in sight. 

It all stsrted January 19 when we went for an ultrasound at what should have been 9 weeks. I felt pregnant, and had no indication that anything was wrong. But the ultrasound showed I was only 6 weeks with no heartbeat. I went the next few days to have my levels checked and waited a week for a second ultrasound to confirm what I already knew. During that week I never had cramps or bleeding or spotting and still felt pregnant, although the symptoms were decreasing. 
After the second ultrasound confirmed there was no growth or heartbeat, we waited one more week to see what would happen. When I still had no bleeding or cramping , I made the painful decision to have a D&C on feb. 2. The D&C seemed to have gone great, again no bleeding or cramping afterwards until 3 days later when I ended up at the hospital in severe pain, and found out I had developed at infection. I did a week of antibiotics and was feeling better. Two weeks after the D&C I had blood work to test my HCG levels which came back higher then they like to see so yesterday I went for a third ultrasound which found that tissue has been missed and the infection was back. 
They gave me two doses of Misoprostol which so far 24 hours later have not produced any cramping or bleeding. If it doesn’t work I will have to go for a second D&C on Friday. It’s been over 4 weeks and I’m still living in hell.
at this point I think the worst part is months and months ago my husband and I booked a trip to Florida ( we are supposed to leave on Friday ) at first it was to celebrate me finishing my thesis and our 5 year wedding anniversary, then when we found out were were pregnant, it was to have a baby moon and then it turned into a trip for us to heal and start over and now it looks like instead of being on a plane next Friday, I may be laying on an operating table for a second D&C... 

has anyone had experience with a miscarriage going on this long? It’s my first one and I just feel shattered inside, I’m not sure how I’m supposed to come back from this. Every time I think I’m doing alright , I get hit with more bad news 

Re: miscarriage won’t end... second D&c might be needed

  • I don’t have anything worthwhile to offer you except to say I’m so so
    sorry you are going through this. It’s painful enough to deal with a miscarriage... I cannot imagine the toll this is taking. You are in my prayers. 
  • Not quite like yours, but I'm also in the midst of a lengthy miscarriage. I went at 7 weeks and I was measuring 6 weeks with no hb. Similar to you, the doctor waited a week to confirm. My miscarriage started naturally on Jan 19th.  However when I went to the doctor 4 days later an ultrasound confirmed that while I had passed the embroyo, I had only passed half the placenta. The doctor gave me the option of trying the pills or going straight to d&c. I tried the pills and like you aside from some cramps did nothing. So on Feb 2nd I had a d&c. I went back to the doctor on Tuesday and found my levels still aren't at 0. Mine are headed the right direction though, so the doc wants to wait another week to make the call if any intervention is needed.
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  • I am so sorry you are going through this. Prayers to you.
  • I am sorry for everything you are experiencing.  With my last miscarriage, we confirmed the loss at 8 weeks.  I waited two weeks for a natural miscarriage that didn't happen and had a d&c.  A week later, I started severe bleeding and hemorrhaging.  I had a molar pregnancy.  About a month after my first d&c, I had to have a second one because my lining was growing thicker with molar tissue.  I bled for about 4 more weeks after.  It was never ending.

    I hope they can get you in sooner so you can still enjoy your trip.
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