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47XXY Klinefelter’s

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Got my amniocentesis results back and it’s Klinefelter’s. What do I do?!? Does anyone have a child with this disorder?

Re: 47XXY Klinefelter’s

  • I had the harmony test done and we got the same result. I joined some Facebook pages and they have been a great support. It isn't as scary as you think. Far more common than you realise. But at the same time I totally understand your anxiety.
  • I took care of a patient with Mosaic Klinefelters! He was XYXXY. He did make testosterone, and had many male characteristics (I had no idea he had this genetic condition looking at him). He said he is infertile, is more prone to diseases common in women, and had breast tissue develop so he had bilateral mastectomies at age 56. 

    Definitely reach out for support groups! 

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