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Traveling by car with newborn

Hello all,

i will I’ll be traveling by car with my baby this week. She is 11 weeks old. We are going on a 6 hour drive. Anybody done this before? How did it go? Any tips? I’m a FTM! 

Re: Traveling by car with newborn

  • We did a six-hour trip at 2.5 weeks old. It was uneventful. She woke up when we stopped driving to get gas about 3 hours in. I nursed and changed her and then she slept the test of the trip again. 

    On the return trip, we stopped twice for a nurse and a change. 

    No real tips. Assuming your child sleeps well while driving (I think this is common from the motion and noise), drive as long as possible without stopping. My daughter will wake up once you stop. 
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