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31 weeks - baby transverse - any advice about getting baby to turn?

Hi ladies,
at 31 weeks my baby is still high and head up, with his head squashed under my right rib effectively making breathing and eating and sleeping difficult.
I know I've got time but a little worried anyway.  
Anyone else not head down yet?
Anyone ever have any luck in a previous pregnancy getting baby to turn?
looking at the spinning babies blog but would love some personal anecdotes!


Re: 31 weeks - baby transverse - any advice about getting baby to turn?

  • @mmmmkay. I've had one baby head down for awhile (but both started transverse) and the other has flip flopped the past two weeks  (I have ultrasounds every week, so I've been closely monitoring of the situation).  I am at 31 weeks too. They have a mind of their own, but you have some time!!  And mine may flip again. Even once Baby A is delivered, Baby B's are notorious for flipping breach once they have more room to itself!  Uncle!
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  • jkatkinsjkatkins member
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    My first was breech will 36 weeks. My second was transverse till 38 weeks. This ones been head down since they started checking at 20 weeks. Lol. You've still got a lot of time. You'll be surprised. I went in at 37 weeks with baby #2 thinking I might have to get a C section than the next she was head down. I wouldn't worry about it too much although I'm sure it's uncomfortable being up so high. Hope you get some relief soon!
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  • Baby can flip easily until 35-36 weeks. Trying to flip a baby now can cause more problems than benefits! Don’t do anything without having your OB check you first
  • no ideas but my Dr told me not to worry until I was about 36-37 weeks
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