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Team green, pink, or blue?!

Are you finding out the sex of your O18’ baby?!?

Re: Team green, pink, or blue?!

  • Yes.  We found out with DS & DD as well.  Zero patience.


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  • I’m going to start a poll. DIdnt even realize that was an option! Whoops 
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  • I'm pretty sure I am going to find out. It's my first and I just feel like I need to know!
  • We were team green for our Daughter (S16) and we loved the surprise, but now DH is telling me he “needs” to find out ASAP for the second
  • I have no will power, I want to know ASAP!

    Me: 32 DH: 31
    TTC #2 since January 2018
    Baby #1 DD  Born 8/25/2016
    BFP: 8/11/18 Due: 4/26/18


  • I NEED TO KNOW! I hoping for a DD this time!

    BFP #1 April 14th, 2014 MMC at 17weeks with a baby boy D&E

    BFP # 2 March 23rd, Rainbow Baby Boy Jayce Michael born 12/9/15

    BFP#3 January 26th EDD October 9th! Hoping for my girl!

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  • I have to know. Admire those who have the patience to wait and and see but I am definitely not one of them lol. 
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  • I'm too much of a planner not to know. I'm hoping for a boy. Hubby has a boy already, so he wants a girl. I love my bonus son and want another little guy.
  • I always said the ONLY time I could not find out is if we had a girl and a boy already (aka prepared for either).  And here we are - Team Green! I’m oddly excited about not finding out. We’ll see if I cave later. 
  • With my DD, I really wanted to be team green but I caved to pressure and found out anyway. This time around, DF and I are on the same page that we want to wait to find out. I'm so excited. 
  • I just need to know all the things. Like @sammierose464, I'd love to have another little boy to go along with my DSS, but MH wants a girl. I'll really be happy either way!!
    Me: 29 | DH: 29
    Married 12/2016
    DSS born 01/2016
    TTC since 01/2017
    Letrozole + TI = BFP 01/30/2018 | EDD 10/11/2018
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  • I can barely even wait until the anatomy scan to find out! I've been researching those online tests you can buy. DH said no though. Lol. I think this one will be another girl, but I'm pretty ok with either. DD is so much fun that I would love another girl, but it would be really cool to have one of each. Plus, DD goes to daycare with all boys so I know she would love having a little brother. I think I slightly want a girl more because I already know how to deal with girls so it would be easier. 
  • We are definitely going to find out. I wish I could find out tomorrow! DH is hoping for a boy and I would love to have another little girl, but boys are a lot of fun too. I can't wait until my blood draw in a few weeks since that genetic test will also tell us the sex of the baby.
  • I want to know. I don’t like mysteries!
  • I want to be team green since this will be our last, DH is not on board though. He wants to find out and just keep it a secret from me but I feel like there’s no way that will work out  :D

    Anyone else disagree with spouse on this? 
  • Since we did genetic testing on our 4 frozen embryos and found out they are all girls (!) we wanna find out what this one is so we know if we are one day gonna have boy and girl or an all girl family
    DS born Sept 2018 via IVF 2x
    DD born Feb 2020
    TTC #3 via IVF

  • We have no patience so we will be finding out. We have a girl so we are both wanting a boy but of course we will be happy either way!
  • @koala1107 I am currently disagreeing with my husband on this issue. We didn't find out for DD (17 months old) and since this might be our last baby he says he "needs" to know? I'm not budging so if he wants to find out great...he better keep it to himself! 
  • Also, is it terrible that I really want another girl? I love my sister so much and I want DD to have that experience, but I am pretty sure this is our last baby. Small NYC apartments and all. 
  • I am a big planner so there is no way I can not find out! My husband just wants me to be happy and not stress out so I think he is agreeing to find out...
    Me 33 DH 41
    TTC since 2016
    Due: October 12, 2018
    Location: Ontario, Canada

  • Yea I think so. We didn’t with our first bc I really wanted a girl. Now that we have a girl I don’t really care either way and just want to be prepared and purge the stuff I don’t need! 
  • Yes, we are going to find out. My husband and I are both big planners so it’s in our nature to find out

    Me: 33 DH: 31
    Location: Castle Rock, CO
    DD: 10.13.18
    baby #2 due: 7.14.20

  • We've always been Team Green, even with our twins. I think we'll do the same this time, but it might kill me!
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  • Team green!  We were team green with our first and LOVED it!
  • I want to know as soon as I can! We found out with DD. My husband’s family really wants a boy. I think it would be fun to have two little girls, but I’m happy with either. I just want a healthy baby.
  • I would love to be team green since this is our last but I kept every single thing from DD. So i really need to know if I need to break it all back out or if I can purge and purchase blue. 

    Me 32 and DH 40

    Fur-baby named Bella

    1 MC Nov. 2013

    DD born Nov. 2, 2014

    Little 2 EDD Oct. 1 

  • First pregnancy and our plan is team green. I think I will need that extra motivation to get through labor

  • I neeeeed to know ASAP!! I wish I could wait but I really don’t think I can for my first. DH really wants a boy.. he says if it’s a girl he will “shove it right back up in there” though I know he will be an amazing Daddy either way!
  • Team Green here! MH really wants to find out but I like the idea of being surprised.  He jokes that he’s sure it’s a boy but I know if we have a girl he’ll be wrapped around her little finger!
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    @kiwi2628 @pebbledam He was joking of course! I did laugh because the mental image was truly hilarious.  He would never say or think something like that for real!! He will be an amazing Daddy either way and he can’t wait. We’ve been trying for 3 years
  • i definitely want to know!!! i didn't ask DH if he wanted to find out or not, but i absolutely assume he would want to know. we are both planners, and I'm impatient as all get out. We already have a DD (mine, his bonus DD), and neither of us has any preference towards what this LO is, as long as everyone is happy and healthy!
    me 32 | dh 45
    married <3 11.11.17
     mama. epicurean. plant lover. wine enthusiast.
  • I need to know. Now. I was the same way with my previous pregnancies. This time it matters more to me though bc we’re not telling our daughters that I’m pregnant until we know the sex. I have no interest in the tantrum my 3yo will throw if we tell her before that and she’s decided she wants a brother and it’s another sister etc.

    DH openly says he wants a boy this time, which I guess I understand but still irks me. Stop pressuring my uterus to make specific genitals, man.
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  • We're gonna find out. I can't wait to know! 
  • We are going to find out for two reasons: 1. i'm a type A planner  :) and 2. I have had such a strong feeling that it's a boy ever since we did the transfer for the IVF cycle. I need to know if I'm right! haha
    me: 30   dh: 31
    dx: unexplained
    TTC since May 2016
    MC November 2016
    Summer 2017, started IUI
    IUI #1 - natural, BFN
    IUI #2 - clomid + trigger, BFN
    IUI #3 - femara + trigger, BFN
    IUI #4-6 - femara + follistim, BFN
    IVF #1 January 2018: 11 retrieved, 7 fertilized, 1 transferred day 5, 1 frozen embryo
    5dt Jan. 18, BFP 9dpt, EDD 10/6/18

  • We are not 100% sure yet but are leaning towards team green. No matter what, we love this baby and since we don't get to pick the gender, I kind of want the surprise when I see the baby. DH us on board so far.
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