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2 Missed Miscarriages at 8 weeks found out Turner's Syndrome

Hello Girls,

I am new and I want to share my story of 2 losses (missed miscarriage) and here back form you if anyone has faced this type of issue.

Here is my 1st loss:

I was pregnant (unexpected), I came to know at 6 weeks and went to doctor for 1st Ultrasound at 8 weeks, by this time we see that little bean and heartbeat of 176BPM and everything was good till then and for me 2nd visit at 12 weeks they repeated the ultrasound and its a shock, baby's HB was gone at 8W 2days and it was declared as Missed Miscarriage (MMC).

I waited for 2 more weeks to see it comes out naturally but no luck and doctor recommended me D&C and it was done.

2nd Loss:

I was pregnant within 1 month (planned), I requested for my 1st doctor appointment and they did 1st Ultrasound at 8 weeks 1 day, by this time we again see that little bean and heartbeat of 153 BPM and everything was good, because of my previous MMC I was nervous all the time and wanted to have one more abdominal ultrasound at the end of 9th weeks and we see there is no heartbeat and baby is dead at 8weeks 2 days 


 it repeated again and it was one more D&C for me because this time doctor wanted to test the tissue of the fetus and we got the results back :

It was mentioned the baby is a 'Girl' and abnormal chromosome (Monosomy X) (45, X)

and doctor recommended us today for High risk doctor for further.

Please Please anyone advice/ suggest / Let me know had heard or went through(sorry) this issue and please reply me back is there any success stories for this issue.

And again I am really sorry for all of our losses and I hope we will all get a beautiful baby soon

Re: 2 Missed Miscarriages at 8 weeks found out Turner's Syndrome

  • I’m so sorry for your losses.  I had a MMC as well that was discovered at 9 weeks.  I
    don’t have much advice other than I understand your pain.  There’s a great group of ladies on the Trying to Conceive After Loss (TTCAL) board if you are looking for more support. 
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    Married: 4/5/13

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    BFP #1: 11/12/12  EDD 7/25/13 Baby boy: 7/27/13
    BFP #2: 10/29/17   MMC dx @ 9 weeks
    BFP #3: 2/2/18 MC 2/7/18
    BFP #4: 3/2/18  MC 3/9/18
    RPL testing and hysteroscopy: all normal
    BFP #5: 4/1/18 MMC dx @ 14 weeks ----> genetically normal girl  :'(
    Hysteroscopy to remove scar tissue 9/28
    BFP #6 11/5/18 EDD 7/20/19  <3  Rainbow baby girl born 7/23/19 
    BFP #7 12/8/2021 EDD 8/22/2022 
  • Tw considered a ttcal grad. 
    So sorry for your loss. I have been pregnant 3 times, the first time I had my living child who has a chromosomal anomaly, a miscarriage  ( not exactly sure of the cause but they were pretty sure chromosomal), and current pregnancy.  
    In my experience, I wasn't high risk for the unknown cause of my miscarriage. I was considered high risk this pregnancy at the beginning due to the confirmed chromosomal anomaly ( which may be what they meant when they told you that). I know for  dd's syndrome we were at a higher chance of it happening again which is why they wanted to keep a closer eye for us.  Do you happen to know your chances of it happening again, as I think each kind is a different number?
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  • Hello,

    I'm so sorry for you loss. I have a very similar story and have been pregnant twice. Both times I learned at my 10 week ultrasound that the heart beat was no longer there and the baby stopped growing at 8 weeks and 4 days. I just got my D&C this past monday. The doctors are testing us for translocation chromosome issues but I am waiting for those results still. I do have hypothyroidism and also a 4g4g gene mutation that causes a clotting disorder. I knew this going into my second pregnancy so I was on baby aspirin and started progesterone suppositories at week 5. Therefore, I was shocked to learn that I had another missed miscarriage. Have you learned anything more since you have posted this? I appreciate you sharing your story since it is rare to have multiple MMCs and I have felt so alone and hurt. Thank you. 
  • Ah, I had 15 consecutive losses before being diagnosed with the PAI-1 4G/4G mutation. I'm surprised they treated you with baby aspirin. This pregnancy is the first since my diagnosis, and while they don't know the mutation was definitely the cause of the losses it is a definite contender, so they immediately put me on lovenox injections, not aspirin. Right now I just passed the 34 week mark, so you may want to ask about lovenox instead?
  • Hi Kathrenne,  thank you for the info. Do you mind me asking how far along you were when for your losses? The reason they think aspirin is enough is that I make it past the 5 to 6 week mark. However, after doing my own research I learned that many women kept miscarrying until put on lovenox. Thank you for the ray of hope and sending good luck during your final weeks!
  • It varied depending on pregnancy, anywhere from 6-10 weeks.

    Thing is that clotting disorders aren't only an issue during implantation, but are also an issue with the development of the placenta; shouldn't matter how far along you are when you miscarry in terms of treating clotting disorders. Because it affects both implantation and placenta development (as well as pregnancy increasing stroke risk in general) my OB and MF specialist have told me that if I have another pregnancy after this one, lovenox would be started before conception, and would continue until 2 days prior to a scheduled induction. As long as bleeding was controlled after delivery, I would resume injections for six weeks postpartum to reduce stroke risk after the fact.

    Either way, I don't think it would hurt for you to ask about it. :)
  • Thank you Kathrenne! Everything you have said goes along with what I have learned with my own research. I have doc appointments coming up and I can't wait to talk with them. Thank you again and best of luck during your home stretch of pregnancy!
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