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Lost Heartbeat

Today was a horrible day. Last week I was over the moon to finally see a little bean on an ultrasound. The following day my Doctor called and told me the heart beat was 50. 

Today I just got back from an ultrasound and the tech told me our precious little bean had no heartbeat and had stopped growing. 

My boyfriend and I have spent the last two hours crying, cuddling and him reassuring me that everything would be ok. I was 7 weeks. I had a miscarriage back in August at 2 weeks. 

I have had no cramps no spotting. The last miscarriage I just bled like a period and did not feel much discomfort. 

I am numb. I am scared. I feel hopeless. 

Re: Lost Heartbeat

  • I faced the same today.  I should be 9 Weeks tomorrow and at our ultrasound today we found out the heart had stopped beating.  I had a miscarriage at 4 Weeks back in March.  Hugs
  • Aw @bpietronicco I'm so sorry for your loss. This feeling is so horrible. Did you have any other symptoms? I'm not sure what to expect. 
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  • @imsonutrafly no other symptoms per say but there were several indicators that it probably wasn’t going To end well.  My hcg did not rise appropriately and then there were some measurements that weren’t exactly right but we saw he heartbeat twice and had some significant growth. Even though I knew it was a possibility, it still hurts just the same.  We have be n trying a long time for this baby.  I have a 4 year old Daughter and as we have been on this journey for the last several years for another the more and more we know she was a miracle. 
    Many women have MCs and go on to have healthy pregnancies so I am trying to stay positive.  Have you been working with a specialist?
  • @bpietronicco yes. My doctor is fantastic and specializes in this area so I was lucky to have her as my family doctor. Prior to TTC both my partner and I did all the testing (genetic blood work sperm counts the works) and everything came back with positive results. My doctor called this morning (she's a saint she's currently on vacation in the Dominican but has her laptop and has been keeping tabs on me) and put in a prescription for the pill and some pain medication. I was planning on taking it Friday night to induce...literally 20 minutes after I got off the phone with her I felt it. Went to the bathroom and blood was a flowing. I called her back and let her know and she said to go home (I was at work) get the prescription and take the pain meds and to relax. I'm supposed to monitor the bleeding and make sure I don't soak through a pad in an hour. So far it hasn't been too bad physically. Just red blood no clots yet minimal cramps. She said that I will likely pass the sac and that will be difficult. If I don't start passing clots im supposed to call her back and potentially end up at the ER. This is such a brutal experience my heart breaks for every woman who has ever had to go through this. I am so happy that you have a healthy little girl
  • I chose the d&c route which is scheduled for Monday however I started spotting today.  I am super nervous and really do not want to do this at home.  I have heard how mainful it is. Hugs to you and I hope you don’t end up in the ER. 
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