1st Trimester

Period like cramps and lower back pain

Hey im 6+4 today and last night and today i have been experiencing period like cramps  and lower back pain like it feels like my period  will arrive any second  no bleeding or anything though has anyone else experienced this?

Re: Period like cramps and lower back pain

  • Cramping is common during pregnancy and it being unaccompanied by blood is a good sign. However, no one here can tell you the cause of yours, so if it persists or gets worse I’d suggest you give your doctor a call. 

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  • ^WSS.

    I had a lot of cramping early on that was similar to period cramps, but were actually attributed to stool moving through my bowels that were being pushed/squished by my ute. *shrug*
    So, your cramps could be from virtually anything that makes sense: growth, overworking yourself, not drinking enough water, stool, constipation, etc.

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  • Yes! I think I’m about 7 weeks as well. Definitely experiencing this over the last 5-7 days. 
  • Cramping, back pain, and feeling pms- like is very common. If it’s severe or sharp definitey call in, and it never hurts to just let your ob know what’s going on 

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