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Endometrial receptivity assay dilemma (child mentioned)

Hi everyone! I’m having a dilemma over ERA testing and would greatly appreciate any thoughts/ insights.

Some background info:

My husband and I were married in our late 30s and were not ready for kids so we opted to freeze embryos for a later time.  We met with RE#1 and after 2 rounds we only had 2 embryos that were genetically normal- one excellent quality and one moderate quality.  Starting to feel a little panicked about running out of time we began multiple unsuccessful rounds of IUI.   At this point insurance had long maxed out and I started feeling like a cash cow for the RE#1’s office.  I also became extremely irritated at the office practices.

With the stress and frustration, we stopped thinking about it for a few months and then saw RE#2.  We opted for a fresh cycle IVF which produced 3 embryos (none of which were genetically tested) which resulted in our son. I really liked how their office worked with patients vs RE#1’s office.

It’s now two years later and we want to transfer a frozen embryo.  I understand transferring embryos to a different practice is not a wise idea so we returned to RE#1.  RE#1 suggested the ERA to ensure implantation as I only have 2 embryos (she would only transfer one at a time).  But I don’t quite trust this suggestion for a test that is still considered experimental from a group where I felt like they saw $$$ every time I walked through the door. 

I’m not sure how much additional benefit ERA would carry:

1. I did not have a problem with implantation after my body was still jacked up on meds for the fresh transfer.  This time it would only be estrogen and progesterone.

2. My uterus carried a pregnancy through term.

3. I’m turning 42 in a few weeks and my ob has reminded me that my uterus is aging too and pushing for me to do the transfer ASAP.  This test could add a month or two.

Thank you in advance for any ideas!

Re: Endometrial receptivity assay dilemma (child mentioned)

  • No advice just good luck!!!

    Married: 5/09 ~ TTC Since: 10/10 ~ PCOS ~ Progesterone from 10/10 - 2/11 ~ HSG on 3/18 - Clear ~ Started Metformin 1000mg & Clomid 50mg 2/11 ~ Metformin upped to 1500mg 4/6 ~ 6/7 Now going to SG and put on Clomid, Ovidrel, Gonal F, Prometrium, Estrace ~ IUI #1 7/2 = BFP!!!!!! March 6th our little man was born. 

    6/17/13 - Ovidrel, Follistim, Prometrium ~ IUI #1 7/2 = BFP! March 17th our St. Pattys day baby arrived

    10/29/17 - Started process for IVF, got pregnant & miscarried a 2nd time since summer. 2/22 started stims - Menopur, Gonal F, Cetrotide - retrieval 3/6 - , PIO, estrace 3xday - FET 4/18 = Beta 1: 616; Beta 2: 1342 = BFP 

  • I say trust your gut on this one. You've had success before. Everything I have seen only recommends ERA after failed transfers. 

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